Myths about vaccination against COVID-19

The persons who question the efficiency of the vaccine against the novel coronavirus consider this was invented during a too short period of time. Those who are against vaccination believe there are insufficient studies concerning the vaccine, while immunization in Moldova should start only after the consequences in other states are seen, said Ninel Revenco, coordinator of the national immunization program and of the communication group on vaccination against COVID-19. She noted that these are untruths and the faster is the population vaccinated, the swifter it will become immune and the risks of virus mutations will decrease, IPN reports.

In an online program organized by and UNICEF Moldova, Ninel Revenco said the myths and fictions can be divided into two large groups. The first includes the untruths about the conspiracy theory, while the second the untruths about the virus and the possible side effects, including deaths.

According to the expert, it’s not true that someone implants chips through the agency of vaccines and wants this way to supervise the persons. According to other myths, the people will be limited in movement with the help of vaccine passports. The people already have passports without which they cannot go abroad and the current information systems contain personal data, including the person’s identification number.

As to the suspicions about the short period of time during which the vaccine was invented, the coordinator said the coronavirus in fact has been studied since the 1990s. The platform for producing the vaccine was already prepaid. Moreover, never in the world was there such mobilization of the governments, laboratories for making the vaccine and never were so many funds distributed. Everyone understood that without the vaccine the people will not get rid of the pandemic and there will be many losses of human lives.

Ninel Revenco said all the states go through vaccination and not only the medical personnel are immunized. The frequency of side effects is not so high and is comparable with that in the case of other vaccines.

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