Mykhailo Podolyak: For how long can people look how 40 million Ukrainians are freezing?

Power outages in Moldova will be possible as long as Russia shells Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure that has been interconnected with Moldova’s infrastructure since the Soviet times. It’s true that the missile supplies of the invader are not limitless – Russia renounced the own doctrine of not touching a supply of 30% of rockets considered strategic and this is now being used without scruple. At the same time, the industrial military complex of the civilized countries is tens of times lager and better than the Russian one and works perfectly and will not allow Ukraine to lack armament. It’s not true that the West is running short of weapons for Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the President of Ukraine, stated for Moldova 1 TV channel, IPN reports.

“Ukraine will do its best to deal with the destructions and to restore functionality. We are doing this right now. But for the Russian Federation, the fact that the neighboring states like Moldova suffer does not matter,” stated the Ukrainian official.

“Something else is shocking. In the 21st century, electricity, centralized heating, hot water, especially in winter, are part of the ordinary comfort and are signs of civilization, first of all the European one. Suddenly, one country, due to its hallucinations, attacks another country out of the blue, because it felt it had to, because they woke up one morning and decided to fire rockets. For how long can the people look to see if 40 million people will die frozen, without power, water, heat? They probably wonder if these will survive... What roads will they take? And we will not give you air defense equipment that was stored mostly since the time of the “cold war”. It is conserved and will be destroyed. And we will watch this reality show: will Ukraine manage to survive,” said the adviser ironically.

Mykhailo Podolyak spoke about the measures that need to be taken to discourage Russia’s aggression, mentioning the outfitting of Ukraine with a sufficient number of air defense systems, exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council and obtaining of a response to the question, what point the genocide against the Ukrainian people needs to reach for the people to realize that things cannot go on like this anymore?

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