MPs state pros and cons of law on citizenship by investment

The Socialist and Democratic MPs said a decision on the abrogation or further implementation of the law on citizenship by investment will be taken after the Chicu Government carries out a thorough analysis of the given document to establish its risks and benefits. At the same time, the PAS and PPPDA MPs consider the law involves big risks. Controversial discussions on the issue were held in a program on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

Socialist MP Grigore Novac said the Government is now analyzing the law on citizenship by investment to determine its risks and advantages. The extension of the moratorium on the provision of citizenship by investment is just a temporary solution. The foreigners who apply for Moldovan nationality are first subject to examinations by such bodies as Europol and Interpol.

Action and Solidarity Party MP Sergiu Litvinenco said the state gained €550,000 or 10 million lei under the kaw on the citizenship by investment. The moratorium on the implementation of the law expires on February 21 and applications for nationality can be again received. “The risks deriving from this law are indeed a problem. If the European Union identifies threats to its security, the liberalized visa regime could be simply annulled,” he stated.

MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Igor Munteanu said it is enough for a state that enjoys a liberalized visa regime to allow a group of persons with unclear identity and an unclear background, whose intentions and plans cannot be clearly determined, to obtain nationality for the whole security construct of the legal and security systems of the EU to be shaken. “Our clear contribution is related to the protection of this border segment with the EU,” he explained, noting that Moldova loses much more by earning a bad reputation by such a law. He added that the only option discussed last summer was to allow only the persons who already transferred the money to Moldova to get Moldovan nationality.

Democratic MP Nicolae Ciubuc didn’t specify if the Democrats will vote for blocking the law on citizenship by investment. He noted they will decide after the Government completes its analysis. The goal of this law is noble. “I think this law is good as long as it excludes any risk. Our group will discuss the matter and will take a decision,“ he stated.

Several days ago, Prime Minister Ion Chicu said Parliament is the one that should take a decision as regards the extension of the moratorium on the Citizenship by Investment Program that expires on February 21. He noted that if the law is annulled, the potential damages that would have to be paid from the state budget would be significant.

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