MPs say SIS and PGO should pronounce on case of Ștefan Gațcan

MP Ștefan Gațcan’s intention to leave the Socialist parliamentary group became known at the start of June. Such intentions are always discussed on corridors by politicians, said MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity Lilian Carp.

“As Mister Gațcan didn’t come out to explain what made him take such a decision, if he was intimidated, by Pro Moldova or the PSRM, we cannot understand who directs this game. There are many questions here. One question is, if he is in Romania or elsewhere? We should have more information or we can say that the red lines in politics were crossed,” Lilian Carp was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet’” on Jurnal TV channel.

MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Vasile Năstase said that what happened to MP Ștefan Gațcan has never happened in Moldova earlier. The Security and Intelligence Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office should provide some responses, but these keep silent for now.

“It is indeed something unordinary. I never thought that such things can happen in a country that claims to be European. We speak about things that could happen in the Wild West or in the jungles of Africa or Latin America. It is simply incredible. Stopping an MP, entering his car and taking him to the parliamentary group. I heard he was even mistreated, physically and morally,” stated Vasile Năstase.

Socialist MP Nicolae Pascaru said such things happened in the past too. According to him, this is an act of sabotage on the part of the system.

Democratic MP Veaceslav Nedelea said that owing to MP Ștefan Gațcan, confusion was generated in society, but the law enforcement agencies do not provide relevant information.

“This is shocking. You make a national hero of Gațcan. He will not be appreciated as a doctor by his colleagues either. He is a turncoat, a person who created confusion in society. No one understands what the real purpose of his actions is. The state institutions do not intervene. No one comments on the developments. The institutions that should report to society do not take attitude,” he stated.

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