MPs Reniță and Țîcu to make official requests over “Bahamas case” to PGO and NIA

MPs Iurie Reniță and Octavian Țîcu said they will send official requests to the National Integrity Authority (NIA) and the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) so that these examine the documents and new evidence presented by these over the case concerning the laundering of money from Bahamas through the agency of the firm Exclusiv Media that belongs to Socialist MP Corneliu Furculiță, IPN reports.

PPPDA MP Iurie Reniță presented the contract signed by a firm from Bahamas and Exclusiv Media SRL of Moldova, which is owned by Socialist MP Corneliu Furculiță, for a loan of €1.5 million. Under another two documents, Corneliu Furculiță borrowed 1 million Moldovan lei from this SRL, but he didn’t declare this money in 2016. “He served as an MP then and was obliged to declare it,” stated the MP. The contracts are preceded by two payment statements that confirm the receipt of 1 million lei.

Iurie Reniță noted that recently the NIA rejected MP Veronica Roșca’s request about the declared and undeclared property of Socialist MP Corneliu Fruculiță. By such an act, the NIA and also the PGO generated questions. The two institutions cannot be trusted, especially after former PDM member Alexandru Stoianoglo, who is close to Igor Dodon, was named prosecutor general. The institutions should examine the presented evidence and should act according to the law.

Unaffiliated MP Octavian Țîcu presented a contract for the lending of 500,000 lei signed by Exclusiv Media that is managed by Petru Burduja and Vasile Bolea. The loan is provided interest-free. Vasile Bolea didn’t indicate the given amount in his tax return as debts.

Octavian Țîcu noted that there are concrete deeds that should be investigated by the state institutions, which now fulfill the Socialist and Democratic government’s orders, so that persons who formed part of Moldova’s Parliament then and now too are charged. The PGO and NIA should examine the situation to see how schemes to attract money are now implemented by raider attacks on banks, by releasing from prison delinquents who can finance the Party of Socialists and Igor Dodon.

According to the two MPs, Socialist MPs Corneliu Furculiță, Vasile Bolea, Vladimir Odnostalco sand Petru Burduja should be held accountable for presenting false tax returns.

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