MPs present initiatives for new parliamentary session

In the spring session of Parliament that starts in February, the MPs will lay emphasis primarily on bills concerning the social sphere. The fight against corruption, the justice sector reform and the economic sector are among the top priorities, MPs Sergiu Sîrbu, Igor Grosu and Vlad Batrîncea announced in a program on the public TV channel Moldova 1, IPN reports.

Democratic MP Sergiu Sîrbu said that he wants Parliament in 2020 to be more active and closer to the people. The parliamentary control of the adopted laws should be strengthened. “We adopt good laws, but do not monitor their implementation. Those good laws should be implemented so that the people feel the benefits of any of them,” he stated, noting the Democratic Party will continue to promote and support the economic and social bills proposed during the past three years and will suggest similar initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life.

Igor Grosu, who heads the parliamentary group of the Action and Solidarity Party, said the PAS will continue its agenda on corruption fighting. In the social sphere, they will propose paying compensations to those affected by the rise in interurban transport fares, in particular elderly people and those who travel to the district center when they need to see a doctor or go to work. They will also focus on medicines, primarily on the mafia existing in this sector. The PAS MPs will suggest that the women should be paid maternity leave benefits based on the average official salary, not the minimum one, and that the people who look after persons with disabilities should be remunerated. They will support the local public administration and the development of villages.

Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea, Deputy Parliament Speaker, noted that the Socialists will place emphasis on the justice sector reform and the improvement of conditions in the system. For the Party of Socialists, it is important that the Parliament’s agenda includes more bills concerning the socioeconomic sphere aimed at effectively improving people’s lives. “We aim to cooperate with the Government here so as to bring more bills regarding the pension system and social assistance to Parliament,” he stated, adding that the Socialists intend to introduce a number of bills referring to healthcare and the procurement system in the pharmaceutical sector.

Editorialist Nicolae Negru said there is a governmental program and the parliamentary majority should take this into account. The given program contains many ideas borrowed from the political program of the Party of Socialists. “It is an electoral year and we should not forget this. It seems strange to me that they do not speak about economy. They say the people should live better, but how can this be achieved? Without economy, without foreign investment?” he asked. According to him, the 2020 state budget deficit is huge and if money to cover it is not found, it’s not clear what the government will lay emphasis on – allowances and salaries or investments in developing Moldova.


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