MPs Lozovan și Nesterovschi striped of parliamentary immunity

MPs Irina Lozovan and Alexandr Nesterovschi, who are members of the Revival Party, remained without parliamentary immunity and can be detained, arrested and tried. Parliament accepted the acting prosecutor general’s requests to this effect, IPN reports.

Representatives of the Parliament’s legal commission for appointment and immunities said that Irina Lozovan was contacted by phone and was invited to the meeting, but she refused to come.

In Parliament, acting prosecutor general Ion Munteanu said the lifting of Irina Lozovan’s parliamentary immunity was asked in connection with a criminal case started in June over illegal financing of political parties, initiative groups, election contenders from sources prohibited by law and over money laundering committed by a number of persons. Later, in August, the Prosecutor General’s Office ordered to start another criminal case against Irina Lozovan, over reasonable suspicions that she consciously accepted financing for the political party from an organized criminal group. The criminal cases were merged.

By the ordinance of July 4, 2023, the MP’s husband Pavel Gîrleanu was classed as a suspect. It was established that the two between March-August, 2023 took actions to influence the mayor of Ocnița to defect from the Party of Socialists to the Revival Party, offering him money and promising that the Revival Party has sold financial support. The mayor denounced this fact.

Prosecutions say the MP knew that the money is provided by an organized criminal group led by Ilan Shor and that the origin of the money is illegal. Even so, she accepted the financing of the party and used a part of the provided money to try and corrupt the mayor of Ocnița.

Later, Ion Munteanu said that Alexandr Nesterovschi is featured in a criminal case started in June over passive corruption. A new criminal case was started in September, over illegal financing of the party from sources prohibited by law, in large proportions. The cases were merged.

It was determined that Nesterovschi, as an MP, being in Moldova and also in Israel, accepted and received undue gains in an indefinite amount from persons who acted in the interests of Ilan Shor for leaving the parliamentary group of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists. He also received the equivalent of US$5,000 a month for fulfilling other duties as an MP in the interests of Ilan Shor.

Being present in the assembly hall, Alexandr Nesterovschi said that for the first time in the country’s history, a team that represents the left really fights for the country. In the recent past, the Revival Party has collected about 100,000 signatures for the Party of Action and Solidarity to be declared unconstitutional and enormous pressure was exerted on the party in the period. Searches now started to be conducted. The MP called on the people not to be afraid of the government.

The PAS MPs voted to lift the immunity of Lozovan and then of Nesterovschi.

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