MPs have differing opinions as to how to induce snap elections

The MPs of the Party of Socialists, the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” and the Democratic Party consider there is no other solution for breaking the political deadlock in Moldova than the nomination of a candidate for Prime Minister by President Maia Sandu. At the same time, as PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco said, the voting in of a Cabinet does nothing but put off the moment of inducing snap parliamentary elections, IPN reports.

“The voting in of a Cabinet will extend the life of this despicable Parliament and can even annul the snap parliamentary elections. In this regard, we proposed signing a statement on the necessity of dissolving Parliament. It is a political commitment that would be undertaken by the MPs to prove that what they say corresponds to what they intend to do,” Sergiu Litvinenco stated in the talk show “In Depth” on ProTV channel.

For their part, the Democrats are for naming a Government that would help overcome the health and sanitary crisis and would later start the process of dissolving Parliament.

“There is no other way out than for Missis Maia Sandu to propose a candidate for premiership, with a solid governmental team and a good government program. We are now hostage to Dodon’s and Shor’s strategy. Why will a new Government be better than the outgoing one when the governmental instruments are controlled by Dodon and Shor?” asked the leader of the PDM, MP Pavel Filip.

The Socialists say that in the absence of an official parliamentary majority that would propose a candidate for premiership, the President should name a candidate herself. The PSRM hasn’t yet decided whether to vote a candidate proposed by Maia Sandu for Premier or not.

“We will examine the candidate for Prime Minister, will look at the whole governmental team and will put them questions. We will take a decision as to the voting or not-voting of the Government within the parliamentary group. Before this, we will call the party’s National Council, but our position is that we must have snap elections,” said Socialist MP Vasile Bolea.  

The head of the PPPDA parliamentary group Alexandru Slusari said they are ready to vote the statement on the necessity of inducing snap parliamentary elections and ask that the President should propose a candidate for Prime Minister as swiftly as possible.

“The candidate should be appropriate as we should not discredit the Government. If Maia Sandu comes and says that the Government should be voted in for several weeks so as to solve particular problems and that the attempts are just formal, we will adopt a different approach. Evidently, we will not vote in this Government with the PSRM and with Shor, but it will be very clear who wants snap elections,” stated Alexandru Slusari.

Recently, the PAS proposed adopting in Parliament a statement on the necessity of dissolving the legislative body. According to the document, the MPs pledge not to ensure a quorum at the Parliament sitting where the nominated candidate for Prime Minister and the team of this will ask for the legislature’s vote of confidence.

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