MPs have differing opinions about no confidence motion against Government

The parliamentary opposition says the speech delivered by Prime Minister Ion Chicu from the Parliament’s central rostrum shortened further the life of the current Cabinet. The opposition MPs noted they will not give up and will continue struggling. On the other side, the representatives of the parliamentary majority consider the Party of Action and Solidarity and the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” were cheated as they took part in a show orchestrated by the Shor Party and the Pro Moldova Party, IPN reports.

“Ion Chicu showed the worst performance of a state official from the Parliament’s rostrum. His speech was arrogant and hollow and said nothing at all. Even after eight months of the appointment, he could say nothing and only tried to tell lies about the previous Government. For this reason, we interrupted him as we are sensible MPs and cannot and will not tolerate the lies and impertinence of the incumbent Prime Minister. The parliamentary majority behaved ridiculously when it treated the press as it treated it – interrupted the live broadcast, blocked the journalists’ access to the hall. The whole country saw what happened and what the people saw made them more hostile. I think the end of this Government came closer as a result of Monday’s sitting,” PAS MP Radu Marian stated in the talk show “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

PPPDA MP Liviu Vovc said the party he represents will struggle further for the dismissal of the Chicu Government as this is a campaign government for this autumn’s presidential elections.

“The motion is a method of acting democratically and the PPPDA had insisted on this motion for over two months. It is regrettable that it was debated in Parliament only now, at the end of July. It wasn’t a failure as everyone could see live the face of this Government. It was also seen that a motion proposed by 27 MPs gathered almost half of the votes of MP and this means that the current Government was punished and will be further punished for its mistakes,” stated Liviu Vovc.

Pro Moldova MP Sergiu Sârbu said the Government led by Ion Chicu will anyway be removed. But the reporting by the Cabinet in Parliament is a democratic process and a mechanism of control, in case Ion Chicu refused to present a report to the MPs.

The representatives of the parliamentary majority said the PAS and the PPPDA actually played the game of Pro Moldova and the Shor Party.

“I think a disgusting planned show was staged in Moldova’s Parliament. It’s regrettable that the PPPDA and the PAS ventured into this show. I cannot understand how our colleagues can say that Mister Chicu told nothing and did nothing as they didn’t actually listen to what Mister Chicu said. You saw what happened in Parliament on Monday and the TV viewers could also see it – only shouts, drumming and cries throughout the speech given by the Premier. None of them listened to him as they weren’t interested in what Mister Chicu said. They just wanted the motion to be carried so that the Government was removed,” said Democratic MP Svetlana Rotundu.

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