MPs close to Shor protest next to Parliament Building, seek resignation of Igor Grosu

The MPs close to the fugitive Ilan Shor, who were forbidden to participate in five plenary sittings, protested in front of the Parliament Building on Friday. They gave speeches in front of supporters, criticizing the government and leveling multiple accusations. They also said that they will seek the resignation of Speaker Igor Grosu, IPN reports.

Marina Tauber noted that the parliamentary majority prevents them from speaking in the plenary session of Parliament because they are afraid of the truth. “This Parliament belongs to the people. We, the MPs of the “Victory” bloc, were delegated by you, by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, and we have every right to articulate what you request from us. We came to this Parliament to solve people’s problems,” said the parliamentarian.

Vasile Bolea said that this protest represents the manifestation of the position on what happened in Parliament on Thursday. This is not the first time that the government tries to shut them up as it did by closing TV channels.

Reghina Apostolova noted that this is how the parliamentary majority understands democracy – to silence the opposition if it does not like what this says.

Vadim Fotescu said that yesterday Igor Grosu and the PAS MPs took the say of the people. “Unrepentantly, he told our MPs to apologize. Reason? In front of whom? We have always respected the law and we are not going to apologize. We will continue the fight with all the possible methods, through protests, but also in Parliament, where we will initiate the resignation of Mr. Grosu for abuse of office,” stated the MP.

At Thursday’s sitting of Parliament, MPs Marina Tauber, Reghina Apostolova, Vasile Bolea, Denis Ulanov, Vadim Fotescu, Irina Lozovan and Alexandr Nesterovschi blocked the central rostrum. As they ignored the Speaker’s request to free the rostrum, they were banned from taking part in five plenary sittings of Parliament.

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