MPs accuse each other over political deadlock

It has been two months since the Chicu Government resigned, but the MPs are yet far from achieving consensus as to how the political stalemate in Moldova can be broken. Each parliamentary group has its own view how to overcome the crisis and no one is ready to make compromises. The PAS insists on snap elections, the PPPDA on a minority government led by Andrei Năstase, while PSRM on candidate for Prime Minister Mariana Durleșteanu, IPN reports.

The PAS MPs say a solution to the political crisis could be offered on March 23, when it is three months of the resignation of the Chicu Government. Under previous Constitutional Court judgments, the Parliament’s incapacity to vote in a new executive during three months leads to the dissolution of Parliament and calling of snap elections.

“The investing of a Government by this corrupt, illegitimate and non-representative majority will do a lot of harm to the Republic of Moldova as this parliamentary majority includes MPs who took part in the billion theft and their goal is evidently to save themselves, not to do good to the people. If we have a good strategy, the PAS in the next Parliament will have a majority. If we invest a PSRM-Shor Government, I assure you that this Government will not obtain money from any international partner,” PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco said in the talk show “Red Button” on Moldova 1 channel.

For their part, the PPPDA MPs criticize the PAS for its insistence on triggering snap elections and the inability to offer a clear legal solution for dissolving Parliament.

“We proposed very responsible assumption of governance in a very difficult period, when the budget deficit is of 14 billion lei. The PPPDA is for snap elections, but the Constitution cannot be violated on the way to snap elections. If you say you want snap elections, you must know how to induce them. For now, there is no method for dissolving Parliament and this situation will persist after March 23,” said PPPDA MP Vasile Năstase.

The Socialists say they offer time to President Maia Sandu to sign the decree to nominate Mariana Durleșteanu as Prime Minster until March 9. If this is not done, the Socialist MPs could take harsher actions.

“If Maia Sandu refuses to sign the decree to nominate Mariana Durleșteanu for premiership, this will be the third violation of the Constitution by the incumbent President since her inauguration and it will be also a violation of the Constitutional Court judgment. We will decide later how to act. We will not initiate the suspension. The President must obey the Constitution,” said Socialist MP Grigore Novac.

Under the CC’s decision, President Sandu should initiate consultations with the parliamentary groups so as to reach a consensus and designate a candidate for Prime Minister. President Sandu said she will not initiate such consultations and is looking for solutions to the political crisis at discussions with representatives of civil society.

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