MPs about consultations initiated by President: It’s just a formality

The MPs of the PDM and PPPDA describe the President’s intention to have consultations with the parliamentary groups after yesterday’s failure in Parliament as a formality. They continue to insist on an anti-crisis Government. The PAS MPs consider the inversing of a Government is impossible and the Constitutional Court should ascertain the circumstances that lead to the dissolution of Parliament, IPN reports.

The Democrats said they do not have high hopes of the consultations with President Maia Sandu as it became clear that the presidential administration and the pro-presidential party PAS do not want a Government to be invested.

“As nothing happened during three months and all their actions clearly showed that they want snap elections, I do not expect these consultations will be something else than a formality. However, as a result of the Constitutional Court’s decision, the parliamentary majority could show that it has a candidate and this would serve as a reason for the Constitutional Court not to dissolve Parliament,” Democratic MP Nicolae Cibuc stated in the talk show “Natalia Morari’s Politics” on TV8 channel.

The PPPDA MPs said they will insist that the President should support the investing of a Government and the setting of the exact date of snap parliamentary elections.

“We need snap elections, but the big problem now is that we have a pandemic and deaths. We will tell again the President what we said earlier: we need to invest an anti-crisis Government and set the date of snap elections. We need a Government to unlock the foreign financial assistance. Snap elections should be held, but with a Government with full powers,” stated PPPDA MP Vasile Năstase.

For their part, the PAS MPs said yesterday’s exercise in Parliament showed that the legislative body is nonfunctional and should be dissolved.

“Today we went to Parliament with the firm conviction that this Government will be voted in given that no other persons can be proposed. We were astounded by what the PSRM and the Shor Party did. Another Government cannot exist. It won’t have support in Parliament anyway,” said PAS MP Vladimir Bolea.

The attempt to invest the Cabinet proposed by Igor Grosu failed yesterday in Parliament due to the absence of a quorum. The Socialist MP and the members of the For Moldova platform left the assembly hall. As only 43 MPs remained in the hall, the presented government program could not be debated.

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