Most unsuccessful variant of supporting businesses was chosen, PPPDA

“The authorities chose the most unsuccessful, inefficient and unreal variant of support that reveals the state’s unwillingness to financially contribute to solving the problems faced by the business community and salary earners,” said the vice president of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Alexandru Slusari, referring to the measures announced by President Igor Dodon in the morning of March 30.

As regards the remuneration for persons in forced unemployment, the MP said the issue will be developed when the draft law is made public. However, he expects that the Government will try again to bypass Parliament and will take the given decision through the agency of the Commission for Exceptional Situations.

“According to the government, the healthcare business entities that stopped work following the Commission for Exceptional Situations’ decision in will be refunded all the taxes and contributions related to the salaries paid to employees who were sent home. The other branches that suffered because of the pandemic crisis somehow else, such as the textiles industry, the industries housed by Free Enterprise Zones, agriculture will get back only 60% of the paid taxes,” the MP posted on Facebook.

According to him, in such conditions it results that the enterprises will anyway have to pay these salaries. “A simple logical question: where to take money from? The cash-flow deficit is the biggest current problem of the businesses working in the hospitality industry, tourism, trade, services provided for the population, etc. That’s why the best solution is the one that we proposed two weeks ago: payment to be made directly to each employee who is on technological unemployment owing to the pandemic crisis in the form of a special allowance of 50% of the base salary, on condition that another 1/3 of the salary is paid by the employers,” stated Alexandru Slusari.

He noted such an approach is equitable in relation to all the areas of the economy, taking into account the extent to which each sector of the economy was affected. The cost of such a measure is of about 3.5-4 billion lei and this money can be identified by reducing budget spending and by accessing particular funds of the foreign partners.

“Regrettably, the President said nothing about the fate of small traders who suffered enormously following the closure of markets - those over 9,000 people who urgently need assistance. We suggested paying an allowance of 50% of the gross average official salary. The cost of such a measure is of about 40 million lei a month. It’s a pity that Dodon follows again the path of political PR and does not propose plausible, reasonable and efficient solutions for supporting the businesses and the whole population,” wrote Alexandru Slusari.

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