Moldovans who settled in Italy say there is panic in some of regions

Amid the reports about the increase in the number of infections with the novel coronavirus (COVIS-19), Moldovans who settled in Italy say there is real panic in some of the country’s regions. Schools were closed and the store shelves with bread, flour, water and other products were emptied. The people make supplies as they fear a ban on access to crowded places.

Irina Leu, who lives in Italy, has told IPN that practically all the public events that involve many people, like football matches and festivals, were annulled close to Milan. The school attended by her child was temporarily closed, as were the sports centers. Following news of the expanding coronavirus epidemic, the people started to buy products in larger quantities and some shelves in stores were simply emptied. “There is panic and many people are scared as there are areas in quarantine, like the Red Zone, where no one enters and leaves. My grandmother was to fly to Moldova, but cancelled her trip as she does not know when she will be allowed to leave,” stated Irina Leu.

Contacted by IPN, Alexandru Cazacu, president of the “Dor” Association based in Italy, said the situation is not as serious as it may seem. Anyway, the Ministry of Health recommended taking simple preventative measures like washing the hands for 20 seconds before and after coming into contact with other persons and avoiding any kind of public events. Classes in Lombardy and Veneto are expected to be canceled.

Some of the countries suspended flights to Italy. All the passengers at airports in Italy are examined. Tents were pitched in front of hospitals for patients and visitors to be have checkups. “The employees and society in general are informed about the risks and the measures that can be taken. At restaurants, they today recommended wearing disposable gloves,” stated Alexandru Cazacu.

The authorities in Moldova ascertained an increased risk of alert in connection with the global coronavirus epidemic and declared a nationwide yellow alert. Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Viorica Dumbrăveanu, in the February 24 meeting of the commission for emergencies, said a public health emergency could be announced given that the number of infections increased in Italy, which is home to many Moldovans.

Over 200 cases of infection have been confirmed in Italy so far, with the number of casualties rising to six.

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