Moldovans are concerned about prices, poverty and war, BOP

The Moldovans are concerned about prices, poverty, war in the region, children’s future and the energy crisis, shows the Public Opinion Barometer (BOP) for November 2022 that was carried out by CBS Research and the Institute for Public Policy (IPP). 65.8% of those surveyed consider things in the country follow a wrong direction, while 24.3% consider the direction is good.

“The prices (22.9%) and poverty (19.4%) are two most important things that bother the citizens, while the war in the region is the third most serious reason to worry (18.1%). A war in the region is the most serious cause for concern for me, but the people who live in poverty are concerned more about prices, poverty. The children’s future is the fourth most serious cause for concern with 11.2%. The gas crisis ranks fifth with 7.7%. Corruption ranks sixth with 6%,” IPP executive director Arcadie Barbăroșie stated in a news conference hosted by IPN.

Almost 65.8% of the respondents consider that things in the country go wrong, while 24.3% believe that the direction is appropriative. Almost 9% of those interviewed said they don’t know, while 1% refused to answer. According to Arcadie Barbăroșie, in the 2016 poll, for example, only 7-9% of the respondents sad the direction is correct, while 84-89% said the direction is incorrect. The tendency has changed the past few years.

The respondents were asked about their family incomes. 42.5% said their incomes are enough to cover only bare essentials, 26.1% - for a decent living, not yet for more expensive goods, 21.5% - not for bare essentials at least, while 5.6% said they manage to buy particular more expensive goods, but face limitations in other areas. Only 3.2% said they have everything they need and do not limit themselves somehow, while 1% didn’t respond.

To improve the socioeconomic situation in the country, 29.3% of those polled said that the country’s administration should be replaced. “This answer should attract attention, including of the government, as the next response in this menu – 15.6% – is “the law functioning mechanism should be improved”. What do the citizens want? They want to be better governed and this means that the government should be replaced – either the Parliament or the President. These are evident opinions,” stated Arcadie Barbăroșie. Among other responses are the development of industrial enterprises and attraction of an increased amount of foreign investment.

Sociologist Vasile Cantarji, of CBS-Research, said the poll is representative at the national level and covered a sample of 1,132 persons, being based on face-to-face interviews. The data were collected during October 29 – November 10. The margin of sampling error is 3%.

The Public Opinion Barometer for November 2022 was conducted in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Moldova. “The year 2022 was unordinary due to the challenges we have witnessed, the multiple overlapping crises with major economic and social repercussions. Therefore, we set the goal of consulting public opinion about the perception of the major events and about the expectations of politicians and in society in general,” said the Foundation’s representative Ana Mihailov.

Note: IPN News Agency gives the right of reply to persons who consider they were touched by the news items produced based on statements of the organizers of the given news conference, including by facilitating the organization of another news conference in similar conditions.

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