Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in energy sector. IPN debate

The integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European single energy market is a desideratum for which there are strategies for achievement, but also set deadlines. According to the Moldovan authorities, this must happen at the end of 2025. The energy systems of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union are already synchronized and the continuation of the liberalization of the electricity and natural gas markets, as well as the implementation of energy interconnection projects between the Republic of Moldova and Romania remains on the agenda. The subject of Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in the energy sector, how it contributes to ensuring energy security for both countries and also Moldova’s integration into the European energy system were discussed during the public debate “Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in energy sector” which was organized by IPN News Agency.

Constantin Borosan, secretary of state at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Moldova, said that the ambition is to integrate Moldova into the European single energy market in 2025. But this will be possible when there will be the necessary infrastructure and framework for the functioning of the energy market.

According to the functionary, Moldova advanced a lot in this regard due to the support it receives from Romania. Everything is based on energy interconnections, which as of March 16, 2022 already offer this opportunity. In the energy sector, cooperation with Romania is very intense. Moldova advanced considerably because it has the chance to learn from Romania’s experience, thus shortening the deadline for implementing the practices in Moldova.

Pavel-Casian Nițulescu, secretary of state of the Romanian Ministry of Energy, said that Romania supports Moldova’s European aspirations in terms of energy and supports Moldova in the process of harmonizing its legislation with the European legislation for the purpose of integrating into the internal energy market of the EU. Against the recent background of the energy crisis, but also of the war in Ukraine, which puts pressure on the energy supply in the region, including because the transport infrastructure is affected, Romania has permanently acted to ensure the energy security of the Republic of Moldova. At European level, Romania has also supported and contributed to the integration of the Republic of Moldova in terms of the legislative framework.

The Romanian official noted that, given the security situation in the region, the connection of Moldova’s electricity system with the continental grid has many advantages from the perspective of security and continuous electricity supply. Romania has taken over the task of supplying electricity to the Republic of Moldova through specialized companies. Romania remains a reliable partner in ensuring Moldova’s energy security in the future.

Mihai Tîrșu, director of the Institute of Power Engineering of the Technical University of Moldova, said that it is very important to develop these infrastructure projects with Romania so that Moldova ensures its energy security and diversifies the supply of energy resources. Initially, the Balti-Suceava line should have been built because, from the point of view of research, it is a priority for the energy system, but for economic reasons and given the reality that exists in the energy system, the Vulcanesti-Suceava line was started, and this is gladdening.

He also said that the energy interconnection with Romania opens up new research opportunities to see what the energy system should look like in order to ensure that energy transition. That’s because once there is developed infrastructure, other market development measures can be implemented to ensure connection with the continental European system.

The public debate entitled “Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in energy sector” was the first installment of the series “Double integration through cooperation and information. Continuity”. The project is implemented by IPN News Agency with the support of the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova of the Government of Romania.

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