Moldovan Political Party “Ours” emerges on political arena

A new political party appeared on the political arena of the Republic of Moldova. This is the Moldovan Political Party “Ours” that aims to introduce the ideology of patriotism, to promote the Russian language and to represent the Transnistrians in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

In a news conference at IPN, Mihail Ahremtsev, the leader of the initiative group for creating the party, said he is 36 and is a journalist. He has experience as a civic activist, promoted the Russian language and defended the ethnic minorities in Moldova. But he realized that much more effort is needed to change the situation in the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, he decided to enter politics.

According to him, during the last few years the parties in Moldova do nothing but serve the interests of oligarchs, businessmen or own interests that they promote at all the levels of power. The parties turn their attention to the people one month before the elections only and after the elections forget about their promises, keeping them for the next elections.

Mihail Ahremtsev noted the situation should be radically changed so that those who come to power solve people’s problems. The Moldovan Political Party “Ours” aims to wake up multinational Moldova and to persuade the people to vote, including the Transnistrian and Gagauz people in the parliamentary elections.

He said he condemns the ethnic genocide against ethnic groups in Moldova, disapproves of the teaching of the history of Romanians in schools and promotion of the Romanian tricolor and considers that the Russian language should be the second official language.

Daria Fedorova, a member of the initiative group, noted that corruption is one of the most serious problems of the country. All the politicians said that they will fight it, but nothing changed. To be admitted to a prestigious faculty, one should give bribe or should have relatives who would help. The Moldovan Political Party “Ours” considers there should remain only specialists who know how to do their job and do it.

Vadim Barinov, an inhabitant of Bender, came with a message to the inhabitant of the Transnistrian region, saying the Moldovan Political Party “Ours” will become the voice of the Transnistrians. Through the agency of the party, the Transnistrians will be able to influence the Moldovan politics and to also promote their interests in Moldova’s Parliament.

Civic activist Anastasia Filipașcu said the history of Romanians is taught in schools, but the Romanians are a minority ethnic group. Why don’t they teach the history of other minorities of the country? The Russian language schools are closed. The Russian language university groups are closed if there are not enough students. The laws and other documents are not translated into Russian.

The representatives of the party said that next week they will present the theses of their political program and the persons who will promote them in localities. They said they stay in a head office rented with their own money and assured there are no influential persons behind them.

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