Moldovan Parliament decrees state of emergency over Ukraine

A state of emergency for the next 60 days starting Thursday has been introduced in Moldova, as Parliament unanimously approved the Government’s request to this effect.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița declared in Parliament that the state of emergency is needed in connection with the threats to regional and national security.

During the state of emergency, the Commission for Emergencies is empowered to adopt binding decisions and rules. Special rules will be introduced for entering and exiting Moldova, for using the Moldovan airspace, moving goods and passengers, and evacuating the population if necessary. People deemed a threat to public order and national security could be expelled from the country.

Also, special rules could be introduced for businesses and public institutions. Mass gatherings could be banned, and creating paramilitary groups could be forbidden.

If necessary, food and basic consumer goods, as well as gas, power and water supplies could be rationed. Also, exceptions could be taken from legal procedures to provide fast access to gas, power and water supplies.

The Commission could also issue provisions for the coordination of mass activities to inform the public about the causes and proportions of the exceptional situation, measures to prevent threats, eliminate the consequences and protect the population, familiarize the population with the rules of conduct during emergencies. Special rules could be introduced for the use of telecommunications, combating fake news, banning layoffs, except in the cases provided for by the regulations for this period, involving the population in providing services in the public interest, the procurement of goods in order to prevent and eliminate the consequences of situations that have imposed a state of emergency.

The prime minister said she would use the emergency measures only in case of need. The state of emergency was established for 60 days, because the situation is uncertain and it is not known how long the war will last. Also, Natalia Gavrilița called on Moldovans to show unity and solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine.

Communist-Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea said that his group is ready to offer all the experience it has to help the citizens during this period, including in managing the refugee crisis. At the same time, it will support any social initiative by the Government for citizens.

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