Moldovan-Italian cooperation goes beyond borders of institutions, ambassador

The bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and Italy is very intense in a number of areas. The cooperation goes beyond the borders of institutions owing to a large presence of Moldovan citizens in Italy and to a smaller, but rather important community of Italian citizens in the Republic of Moldova, said Italy’s Ambassador in Chisinau Valeria Biagiotti, who is completing her duties. According to her, during her four-year stay in Moldova, she could see a development in the Moldovan-Italian cooperation and evidently made effort and worked in this direction. Regrettably, owing to the pandemic, a slowdown in the relations was witnessed the past year, but the ties and those close feelings that connect the two nations remained as lively and strong, IPN reports.

In an interview for RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service, Valeria Biagiotti said the relations and cooperation in new areas have been developed during the four years. It goes to the cooperation between carabineers in the social economy sector, in the environmental sector and in social protection.

The diplomat noted the Moldovan diaspora is highly appreciated and is integrated into the Italian society. Statistics show there are about 118,000 Moldovans with permits of stay in Italy. There are also many Moldovans who live and stay in Italy based on a European passport, including an Italian passport, because the Moldovans who obtained Italian nationality during the last few years rose to 20,000.

According to Valeria Biagiotti, the pandemic regrettably affected and caused serious problems to everyone, including to the Moldovans who work in Italy. It affected those sectors in which their presence is greater, such as tourism, agriculture and assistance for the elderly people. Evidently, many of them lost the job and had to return to the Republic of Moldova.

In another connection, the ambassador said the fight against corruption in Moldova should be continued. “Regrettably, poverty and corruption are often connected between them. On the one hand, poverty encourages corruption. On the other hand, corruption expands poverty. Very big differences, distortions appear and these lead to the appearance of situations in which a few get too rich, while most of the population remains in a state of poverty. According to the United Nations’ estimates, the developing countries annually lose over US$1 billion due to corruption. This is a worrisome figure,” said Valeria Biagiotti, noting the fight against corruption should be continued in Moldova as this is an indispensable instrument for the real development of the county and for a prosperous future.

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