Moldovan, European leaders commemorate heroes fallen in World War II in Chisinau

President Maia Sandu, together with Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu and European Commissioner for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn, laid flowers at “Eternity” Memorial Complex as a sign of commemoration of people who lost their lives in World War II. Officials noted that May 9 is a day to celebrate peace and reflect on the tragic impact of the war, IPN reports.

President Maia Sandu said that 79 years ago, victory over Nazism was announced and the bloodiest war on the European continent ended. “It is a day that reminds us how vulnerable peace is, how dramatic war is, and that we must do absolutely everything not to allow wars on the continent and in general in the world. For Moldova, the shortest way to a sustainable peace is integration into the European Union,” said the head of state.

Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said that we must learn a lesson from the fact that in any war there are no winners, but all sides lose. According to him, the most tragic aspect is the human lives that are no longer recovered, leaving behind the pain and memory that mark generations and destinies. May 9 is an additional opportunity to remember those who contributed to bringing peace to Europe and this message must be transmitted to the future generations.

European Commissioner for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn said that on this day “we commemorate the victims of war, but we also remember that only within the European Union can peace be preserved”. The official reiterated that the European Union is a guarantor of peace, stability and prosperity.

The team of the Chisinau City Hall also went to “Eternity” Memorial, where they commemorated “all those who fought for the motherland, against fascism”. “We strongly condemn any war. We want to promote peace and understanding in our country and around the world. Through dialogue, cooperation and mutual respect, we can build together a future in which all the people live in harmony and prosperity,” said the municipal authorities.

According to the President’s Office, there are now 37 veterans of World War II in Moldova.

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