Moldovan architect Gheorghe Bulat to recieve prestigious award at 2024 International SHARE Forum Chisinau

The Moldovan architect Gheorghe Bulat will be honored with the prestigious SHARE Opera Omnia award in a special ceremony, part of the second edition of the SHARE Chisinau International Architecture Forum, which will take place on February 13.

This award, given by the SHARE Society of Architects, which brings together architecture leaders from 43 countries, represents a mark of excellence. Gheorghe Bulat will be celebrated for his outstanding career achievements, which also include his significant contributions to the restoration of the Metropolitan Cathedral Complex, the National Museum of Arts and the Organ Hall in Chisinau, among others.

“Restorations occupy a crucial place in the architectural landscape, as they contribute to the preservation and protection of cultural and historical heritage. Restoration preserves not only the buildings and structures themselves, but also the story, identity and character of a community or city. This allows future generations to connect with the past and understand the evolution of architecture over time”, SHARE Architects co-founder Florin Mindirigiu told IPN.

“Chisinau is a city with a rich architectural history, but which (...) has undergone various transformations and challenges. The importance of preserving architectural heritage is crucial to a community’s identity and to preserving connection to its history. Cities that are able to harmoniously integrate new and old elements have the potential to become vibrant and authentic centers. Regarding the future development of the city, I think it is essential to adopt a sustainable approach, which respects both the existing architectural heritage and the current and future needs of the community”, said Florin Mindirigiu in an interview with IPN.

Meanwhile, the expert notes, suburban expansion represents another significant trend, due to the continuous growth of the population and the economy. “In this context, new residential neighborhoods are being built and pressure is being put on developing adequate infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing population. However, this requires special attention to planning and sustainable development, and I think that in this regard the countries of Eastern Europe have a lot to of work to do”, added Florin Mindirigiu.

SHARE Architects events are dedicated to architecture, construction, urban planning or investment professionals, either in the public or private sector. Over the past 26 years, the SHARE Architects forums have become an important networking platform for architects and entrepreneurs in Central and South-Eastern Europe. SHARE Architects events are currently held in 16 countries and have developed a community of over 50,000 professionals.

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