Moldovagaz tries to generate state of panic in society, opinion

It is an attempt to induce panic in society and to weaken the positions of the Moldovan authorities at the negotiations with Gazprom. This is how the former Deputy Speaker of Parliament Alexandru Slusari commented on the more often requests to economize on natural gas made by Moldovagaz. According to representatives of the government, the energy crisis we face is a consequence of the defective policy pursued by the previous governments in relation to Moscow, IPN reports.

Ex-Deputy Speaker Alexandru Slusari said that Moldovagaz acts rather in the interests of the Russian Federation during the current natural gas crisis. The enterprise in which Gazprom owns 50% of the shares exerts pressure on the Moldovan authorities so as to make them concede to Moscow.

“All the press releases coming one after another from Moldovagaz – I don’t know if the word Moldova is still relevant here – are aimed at generating panic and at weakening the positions of the Republic of Moldova at the negotiations with Gazprom. For the people, things are clear. They realized that Gazprom resorted to its traditional blackmail tactic. We cannot speak about a commercial relationship as it goes to two companies that are a managed from the same command center – Gazprom and Moldovagaz. It is a political issue that should be solved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Russian Federation,” Slusari stated in the talk show “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel.

PAS MPs said the Gavrilița Government has to deal with the problems inherited from the previous governments and with debts accumulated during tens of years.

“This problem derived from the bad decisions taken by the governments of the Republic of Moldova during 15-20 years. They thought only about the present time and left debts that we have to repay now. The diversification of sources is the biggest problem. We have always depended on one source. The previous governments didn’t bother to create alternative infrastructure,” said PAS MP Virgiliu Pâslariuc.

According to political commentators, the rhetoric around a new contract for the supply of Russian gas is aimed at inducing panic in society and this is one of the elements of the hybrid warfare.

“During many years, the Republic of Moldova had been governed by agents of influence of the Russian Federation. We have two dimensions here, a political one and a technical-commercial one. During the last few weeks, we have witnessed personages showing their triumph here and trying to make this issue a strictly political one. This situation turned into hybrid information warfare,” said political commentator Vlad Țurcanu.

In a press release issued yesterday, Moldovagaz called on the residential consumers to show civic responsibility and to temporarily reduce the consumption of natural gas. It asked the people to disconnect the individual hating systems while away from home and to limit the consumption of natural gas for preparing or heating food and heating water and to consider possibilities of using alternative sources of fuel.

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