Moldova should get ready for next steps of Russia, opinions

Political commentators in Chisinau have less optimistic scenarios about the developments in the Ukrainian-Russian relations. They said Russia’s goal is to bring back the territories of the former Soviet Union under its influence with one command center, in Moscow. Political analysts noted the Russian leader set the goal of restoring the old borders of the Soviet Union and this is a gloomy scenario for the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

Ex-minister of defense Vitalie Marinuța said that in his speech concerning the recognition of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, Vladimir Putin revealed his expansionist ambitions. Moldova could be Russia’s next target and the scenario of a war in the classical meaning of this word started to have a clearer shape.

“A sentence in Putin’s speech caught attention. He said that all the territories of the former Soviet Union are former territories of Russia. He mentioned also Novorossiya. So, Putin aims to bring all the territories of the former Soviet Union back under the Kremlin’s control. We cannot know whether the Russian Federation will stop at Donetsk and Luhansk or not. In Russians’ plans, 10-15 years is not so much. We must get ready for Russia’s next steps. I agree with former Premier Sturza, who wrote that Moldova, Finland, Poland and other countries can consider that they are in the Russian Federation’s focus. Practically, we can brace for a war,” Vitalie Marinuța stated in the talk show “Freedom” on TV8 channel.

Yesterday, President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Federation respects the sovereignty of the other ex-Soviet republics, but Ukraine is an exception as it is under foreign control. He also rejected the idea of reconstructing an empire, assuring his Azeri counterpart Ilham Aliyev, who was in Moscow on a visit, that this is not at all a realistic scenario.

“Putin said this in a symbolic way before the president of an ex-Soviet country, Azerbaijan, which also has territorial disputes. Putin considers himself a very important historical player. He believes he needs to correct the mistakes of his predecessors, the rulers of the Soviet Union. He considers he is their legitimate successor,” said political commentator Valeriu Pașa.

For their part, representatives of civil society in Chisinau said Ukraine is now in a very difficult situation. It can be invaded and its economy is already seriously affected.

“Ukraine sustains enormous economic losses. The investors withdrew. From military viewpoint, they strengthened their capacities and organized themselves very well. However, I don’t know to what extent they can cope with an army like that of the Russian Federation. They admitted that they will not resist much. But President Zelensky behaves appropriately. He made it clear that his country is ready to solve the problems by peaceful ways and does not yield to the provocations staged by the Russian Federation,” said the executive director of Promo-Lex Association Ion Manole.

After Russia recognized the Ukrainian secessionist entities, President Maia Sandu said that the Republic of Moldova vehemently condemns the hostile actions against Ukraine and firmly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will support all the international efforts aimed at identifying peaceful political solutions based. She urged calmness and solidarity and requested the media outlets not to manipulate public opinion and to provide accurate information about the situation in the region.

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