Moldova Noastra not cross with Chisinau Council president

The faction of the Moldova Noastra Alliance in the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC) will not participate in dismissing its president, Mihai Ghimpu, AMN councilor, Mihai Magdei, has told Info-Prim Neo. At the last sitting of the CMC, the issue of dismissing Mihai Ghimpu didn’t get the due number of votes to be included into the order of the day. The controversial move belonged to the councilor of the Christian-Humanist Party, Oleg Oniscenco, who accused Ghimpu of not being cable to efficiently organize the CMC’s work and to create a balance among the political forces forming the local administration. Mihai Magdei says, after the AMN councilors met with party leader Serafim Urecheanu and the faction president Pavel Caba, they reached the conclusion that the AMN faction would not take part in sacking Ghimpu and vote against, if the issue was included into the agenda. Yet this does not mean the faction has no objections as to the activity of the CMC president and general mayor Dorin Chirtoaca. First and foremost, up to now, the City Hall does not have a staff chart, the councilor says. According to him, the most important fact is that the stringent problems for Chisinau are not put up to be considered by the Council. So far, out of the important matters, only the municipal budget and several annexes to it have been considered. Mihai Magdei regrets that neither the mayor, nor the subdivision heads come up with priorities in the development of the Chisinau municipality. “There we distribute plots of land and fight for 7 or 10 m², while the problems related to the living standards remain ignored,” says the councilor. Many parties tackled Chisinau’s environment issues during the race. Yet the odor eliminated by the water-cleaning station is persistent, the issue of the station and drainpipes has remained unsolved and does not expect serious investments, the local councilor added. Mihai Magdei considers that anyone building in the city should also invest in the cleaning station. The residual water pours into the Bac, then into the Nistru and reach Belyayevka, from where Odessa city takes water. “A time will come, when we’ll be blamed of an ecological catastrophe,” the councilor anticipates. Moreover, they grow cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables in the Bac’s valley which are later sold on the Capital’s markets. No solution has been identified for the problems related to transports and parking lots. Although the charges for cleaning soared, the streets are dirtier than 3-4 years ago, Mihai Magdei accuses. The leisure areas and children resting camps are not ready for the Summer season, although it is already March. There is no concept on developing the agriculture. Although 7-10% of Moldova’s fertile soils are around Chisinau, a kilo of apples costs more than a kilo of bananas now. At the same time, the councilor maintains that the deconcentrated services in the municipality do not carry out their jobs. Those services, subordinated to ministries and departments, do not cooperate with the municipal public administration, they even defy it directly, violating the law. The AMN councilor expresses dissatisfaction that entire new quarters are being built in the Capital, while the infrastructure is not ready. There are no plans to build roads, kindergartens, schools, and the money provided for re-constructing or repairing the existent ones is insufficient. Mihai Magdei says that, although Chisinau provides for 60 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product, the mayor has to beg from the Government. The councilor thinks that in its double capacity, Chisinau should have two budgets – one belonging to the municipality and another -- to the Capital. The second one, allegedly to be subsidized by the state, should envisage money for roads, transportation and other stringent issues. Despite all those hardships, the CMC does function, says Mihai Magdei. The coalition having assumed to govern the Capital exists and, efforts joined, tries to oppose the dictatorship of the central government. The AMN councilor says the vote on firing the CMC’s president would mean an inner explosion of the coalition and would lead to disappointing the capital’s folks who voted against the Communists Party at the last elections. Mihai Magdei hopes Mihai Ghimpu will do his homework and things will get a better turn for the Chisinau residents.

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