Moldova is on the last place based on a social-economic development index

Moldova is on the last place based on a social-economic development index provided by the Romanian Centre of Economic Policies (CEROPE) that assessed 50 countries. Countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria and China have also scored poorly. The calculation of the social-economic development index was performed on the basis of 12 indicators, such as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita against the purchase power, export per capita, tractors per 1000 hectares, share of services in the GDP, energy intensity, internet users, use of calories per capita, life expectancy, expenses for health, corruption perception and others, NewsIn informs. According to the index, Switzerland holds the first place, being included in the top 10 countries at the majority of partial indexes. Romania is 45th, with a mean of rankings of 39, being three places ahead of Bulgaria. Romania has significant deficiencies compared with EU member countries, especially in what concerns the GDP per capita, export per capita, share of services in the GDP. CEROPE analysts say that whether the individually analysed social and economic indicators are relevant or not, they can show only a partial image of the general development level, fact which can be asserted by the significant oscillations between the places held by different counties at different rankings. The Gross Domestic Product of Moldova constituted USD 803 in 2005. This index constituted USD 6851 in the world and USD 30.473 in the European Union.

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