Moldova in post-truth era, IPN experts

Watching the programs of the Moldovan TV channels, especially of the media holdings, one can realize that our country firmly entered the post-truth era. It seems to be a little late, in over a decade of the publican of Ralph Keyes’s book The Post-Truth Era in 2004. But this does not mean that we are very late. No, the use of the post-truth notion reached impressive proportions only recently, in 2016, when the Oxford Dictionaries declared the post-truth the word of the year. The explanatory dictionaries also define, in a reductionist way, the meaning of post-truth policy that is based on the public narrative fluidized by committed media outlets, including social media that repetitively use the people’s emotions to model convictions, using the same argumentation to elude the socioeconomic and political realities.

Accidentally or not, but with the triumph of the notion of post-truth witnessed in 2016, we have been insistently persuaded that a new stage in the government in Moldova started namely in 2016, evidently under the tutelage of the executive coordinator. And we were naive to believe that the current government has its origins in the revolution of 2009. If there is a special reference point for the current government, this is related to the theft of the US$ 1 billion. Surely, reading the reports and resolutions of our development partners, we think the elucidation of the circumstances of the theft of the U$ 1 billion, identification and punishment of the culprits, reformation of the law enforcement bodies that monitored, but didn’t hamper the theft are the major priorities of the government. Now we convince ourselves that this is not so. Emphases are shifted to other priorities and realities, built through the propaganda of media holdings. The parliamentary elections are approaching and these are to install a new political class, based on a new electoral system.

The upcoming parliamentary elections that could yet not take place generated a series of initiatives and reforms that week after week pour on us as is from a horn of abundance: maturing of the economy[1]; labor migration reform[2]; citizenship by investment[3]; legalized properties vs. 3% of the cost; fiscal reform[4], reduction in taxes and social contributions; rise in pensions and in salaries of mayors[5], teachers, etc.; First House I[6], II[7] and III[8]; meal vouchers[9]; social stores[10] in the Merry-Shor variant; education reform[11]; school uniforms[12]; family doctor’s reform[13]; professional army[14]; withdrawal of the Russian army from Transnistria[15]; Chisinau Arena[16]. Pardon us if we omitted something. Who can resist without being overwhelmed by this multitude of innovative initiatives? And all these only after the theft of one US$ 1 billion!

Following the Democratic media holding, we can only imagine how the implementation of these reforms and initiatives will change Moldova’s image, how rich foreigners will form lines to get a Moldovan passport in exchange for several hundred thousand dollars. The streets full of happy people carrying parcels with foodstuff bought in the social stores “Merry-Shor”. The future secured by disciplined students in school uniforms who study together the programs for the first-fourth grades, as in Tepilova. This education reform can be extended to introduce common training for the students of the fifth-eighth grades and even of the ninth-twelfth grades. This way the optimization of schools can be avoided in the absence of over 2,000 teachers and localities can be saved from disappearance. An important factor is that the older students from the merged classes could teacher the younger ones life habits in a natural way, and this special course would not be necessary. The about 1,600 family doctors could freely practice as entrepreneurs in the about 1,600 existing localities, creating competition to each other, but not between them, but between the localities where they could practice. This way the patients could choose not only the family doctor, but also the locality where they would prefer to receive treatment in the absence of health specialists. In Chisinau, the cab drivers, after the fiscal reform, would become amiable and would offer receipts to passenger. They could organize tourist trips in the perimeter of the triangle: First House 1 – First House 2 – First House 3, with the respective addresses: 1 Cantemir  St– 44/3 Armeneasca St – 103 Stefan cel Mare Blvd. Judges who showed to the whole world how independent the Moldovan judiciary is after the invalidation of the Chisinau majors elections will continue to explore the work of Veaceslav Platon Republic of Moldova – laundry for offshore areas to whose erecting some of these contributed directly. We can also imagine how Russia, under the pressure of the international public opinion, different resolutions and our army that is turning professional will pull out its military troops from Transnistria. The citizens there look envious over the Nistru at the successes of the modernized Moldova and we, with condescendence, invite them to forget the mutual offenses and to take part in our Parliament elections in single-member constituencies specially established for them, and to this way bring to an end the misunderstandings that lasted for over 25 years. And we can also imagine many other interesting things under the siege of these nice reform initiatives of our rulers.  

But someone should not image that only the Democrats have money and machinery for modeling the public opinion before the elections. Other parties also have such means, even if more modest ones. For example, Prudent Igor Dodon, the informal leader of the Socialists, is confident that Moldova has a future! Though it is not clear what kind of future. Thus, according to official documents of the Party of Socialists, this future is in the Eurasian Economic Union. On the other hand, in his speech[17] for the recent Crans Montana Forum, the President said he develops strategies for Moldova to be ready to join the European Union when the issue is put on the agenda. But this counts less. It is important that the Socialist media holding tries to persuade us that Moldova could become a blooming orchard, a kind of Sadova at national sizes, with honey rivers and strawberry banks, where the concerts do not end and church choirs sing national anthems and it does not matter of what states ... A kind of New Jerusalem built with the support of Patriarch Kiril, who, together with Igor Dodon, intend to lay the foundations of a new Church in Chisinau this autumn already, during the Family Festival. After the festival, representatives of different families... from Malta, Cyprus, Sicilia etc., could buy Moldovan nationality in exchange for several hundred euros and this thing is supported by the Head of State[18]. Someone could say that this is how the Homeland is sold, by pieces. To avoid something like this, special filters will be placed. We, the citizens, will have to accept the conversion to orthodoxy and to pass the sexual orientation test. This could be done through a special agency that would work under the aegis of the presidential office.

If someone believes that the optimism of the Democratic and Socialist media holdings is illusory in the absence of financial resources, they are wrong. We were assured by the Parliament Speaker that: “We intend to hire an international advocacy firm that would determine the damage caused by the presence of the Russian army in Transnistria during 25 years”[19]. The figures could amount to tens of billions of dollars! In such circumstances, do the papers of the development partners and all kinds of resolutions and commitments matter? Evidently, no!  Moldova can have a sovereign future without resolutions from outside! If so, we can conclude that we no longer need parliamentary elections too. We already had mayoral elections in Chisinau that were nullified by our independent judiciary and what their use was? Do we still need parliamentary elections when the announced new political class already works hard and produces innovatory initiatives one  after another? Let God give health and strength to the representatives of this new coordinated political class. In this regard, it seems it is not accidental that the Speaker who earlier assured us that the parliamentary elections will take place this November, now speaks about December – March 2019 already. But there are insistent rumors that ..., as if this really matters! 

IPN experts


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