Moldova does not have high-grade law that would protect animals, statement

In the Republic of Moldova, there is no high-quality law that would protect the animals. These are treated violently and some of them are killed cruelly. In Chisinau, almost two years have passed since the adoption of the regulations on the keeping of domestic animals and animals without shelter, but these haven’t been applied. The problem of animals without shelter has persisted for tens of years, but is ignored by the authorities. The situation is primarily improved due to the efforts of volunteers, who do not yet have sufficient financing or instruments to exert influence. In a news conference at IPN, Olga Gherştoga, animal rights advocate, said that despite such a reality, the MPs address the subject of animals only during the election campaign.

The activist noted the people are manipulated and there is no sincerity in such intentions. She reminded of the consultations held in April to finalize the bill proposed by MP Arina Spătaru, concerning the keeping and protection of pets, before this was introduced into Parliament. Then, the animal rights advocates and volunteers reached the conclusion that the MPs, before drafting a law, do not make sure that this will work. The proposed bill was primarily copied from another bill registered in 2013.

Volunteer Lidia Vinogradova said the problem of animals without shelter was used like a bait in the electoral period also by ex-acting mayor of Chisinau Ruslan Codreanu, during whose tenure the necropolis was turned into a sterilization center. Then, the candidate for mayor Ruslan Codreanu called on the animal rights advocates and volunteers to support him. He promised to save the animals and to ensure safety in the community, but forgot his promises swiftly. Some say the necropolis was converted into a sterilization center due to Codreanu, but such a center does not mean only a painted fence and a board placed on this.

Volunteer Anastasia Cazlovschi reiterated that the problem of animals has persisted for tens of years, but the authorities cannot cope. The people are mostly intolerant of street animals, while the authorities do not obey the own regulations and inefficiently use funds to tackle the problem.

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