Moldova does not have free and fair elections, but is heading for right path, opinions

In Moldova, the elections are not free and fair, but the country is heading for the right path, said experts invited to the talk show “Politics of Natalia Morari” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

Stefan Gligor, program director of the Center for Politics and Reforms, said the elections in Moldova are not free and fair. This year’s elections were already set and the way in which the electoral reform was done, the electoral constituencies were created and how the huge media resources of the Democratic Party and the Party of Socialists are used and also the way in which the other candidates are discredited show that the parliamentary and local elections are held in conditions of inequality and in obscure circumstances. “In these new circumstances, we cannot have free and fair elections at least in a simulated way,” stated Stefan Gligor.

Pavel Postica, program director of Promo-LEX Association, said there are free and fair elections nowhere, including in the Republic of Moldova, but the country is heading for the right path. From technical viewpoint and in terms of legislative aspects, the situation in Moldova is better than in some of the EU member states. “We can compare the situation in our country with that in Romania and Germany. There are better aspects in our country than in Norway. The situation is not so disastrous,” stated Pavel Postica, adding such aspects as the electoral rolls and procedures on the election day are better in Moldova.

The programs director of Promo-LEX Association said the positive aspects are related to the technical processes, but the voters in Moldova do not trust the electoral processes and this is serious. “This is our fundamental problem in terms of elections as we doubt any situation that happens in an electoral context,” he noted.

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