Moldova “Americanizes” cattle herds

For the first time in Moldova transplants of bovine embryos of Holstein Fritz (for milk) and Aberdine Angus (for beef) breeds, imported from USA, will be operated. The aim of the action is based on the intention of Moldovan producers to re-establish the potential of milk and beef production. “Rehabilitation of the bovine production potential is essential for the country’s economy, taking into consideration the difficult situation of this sector at the moment, the head of Obstetric and Surgery Chair of the Veterinary Faculty of the State Agricultural University, Mircea Popovici noted. Recreation of breeding stock could make the background of beef production at large scale, according to international quality standards, as well as opening a new opportunity for development of the local market for combined fodders, he added. The transplants will be operated by an American embryo team, lead by the doctor E. Robertson to about 100 „recipient” cows. The necessary material was provided by several specialized enterprises of USA in exchange of a certain number of breed calves. „Zoo technical units of Romania benefited of such transplants in 1999, which have already sufficient breeding stock”, doctor Robertson noted. The action is part of the visit program in Moldova of a group of American specialists, who represent the Public Association ”ILAED – Moldova”. During their visit the American embryologists, a group of veterinary doctors and professors of State Agrarian University of Moldova will benefit from training on bovine embryo transplant. They also want to train some veterinary students groups and to implement certain long-term projects on stimulating the increase of animal production in cooperation with other US organizations. At the moment, Moldova imports about 80% of beef, especially from Argentina and Brazil, fact that face local producers with non-loyal competition with foreign importers.

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