Modernization of Moldova is a stage to European integration

The recent victory scored by the Party of Action and Solidarity was also determined by the events of June 2019, political analyst Cornel Ciurea stated in IPN’s public debate “Snap elections 2021: What happened, what can happen at internal level?”.

He noted the failure of the parties that promoted the country‘s “statehood” and claimed the centrist role on the political arena, while the right was undertaking the pro-European commitments and the left was centering on Russia’s interests in bringing the Republic of Moldova back under its sphere of influence, like the party led by Renato Usatîi.

Cornel Ciurea considers the decisions taken by the Constitutional Court, including that to “block” the loan of several hundred million dollars from Russia and that by which the nomination of a Premier of the “oligarchic majority” was stopped, were of aid to PAS. He welcomed the majority party’s principled idea of Europeanizing Moldova, but noted the integration into the EU is the criterion for determining the efficiency of the agenda.

As to the PAS’s intention to replace the “corrupt professionals” with “honest amateurs”, the analyst said this idea implies dangers also because the opposite camp will not concede easily. The parliamentary victory of PAS is a victory of the West in its contraposition with Russia and the appointment of a new U.S. ambassador in Chisinau can be related to the developments in the U.S. – Russia relations.

Despite the critical approach, Corneliu Ciurea considers the PAS government can be efficient. One of the conditions is for the rulers to avoid undertaking the practices of the regime of Plahotniuc: to prevent a war of everyone against everyone and staff cleaning.

Cornel Ciurea noted that an increasing number of political players go to court, bypassing the Central Election Commission, and this is somehow strange as CEC is empowered to take decisions about electoral matters. “It seemed strange to me when the number of polling stations intended for the diaspora and for the Transnistrian region was challenged in court when the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice wasn’t even implemented. CEC didn’t modify the number of 150 polling stations. The number of polling stations was increased by the pressure of society and parties, not by court decisions,” said Cornel Ciurea, noting the parties should go to court less and should have confidence in the state institutions.

The public debate “Snap elections 2021: What happened, what can happen at internal level?” is the 197th installment of the project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is implemented by IPN with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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