Misunderstandings between authorities and protesters are generated by lack of communication, debates

The lack of dialogue between the authorities and the protesters does not contribute to the settlement of conflicts. Moreover, this generates new tensions. The opinion was stated in the public debates themed “Political Message of the Committee for Defending the Constitution and Democracy. Promotion culture: for and against” that were organized by Info-Prim Neo news agency. Political analyst Igor Botan said the labels used by the Committee for Defending the Constitution and Democracy (CACD) against the authorities, like ‘usurpers’ and ‘criminals’, make them to be more determined to refuse discussing with the protesters. “On the one hand, there are rulers who say that nothing happened. On the other hand, there is the Committee which says that something irrecoverable happened. We do not have an arbitrator in which the population would have confidence. If the sides involved in a conflict do not sit at the negotiating table, the dispute will not be resolved. I’m afraid of chaos. If you are not, its’ good for you,” Igor Botan said in the debates that involved members of the Committee. The analyst inquired if the insistence with which the CACD demands dissolving Parliament and holding early legalities elections is somehow related to electoral interests and if the Committee intends to take part in the possible elections. Answering to Botan, Iurie Rosca, a member of the CACD, said that the words like ‘criminals’ and ‘usurpers’ are legal and were taken from the Constitution. He also said that it does not matter whether the Committee will take part in the elections or not. “The Committee consists of nine persons who are totally different. We have not even spoken about our participation in elections,” stated Iurie Rosca. Asked how the political crisis can be solved in the CACD’s opinion, Iurie Rosca said there is no other way out than early parliamentary elections as there is total chaos now in the country. The Committee for Defending the Constitution and Democracy so far has staged four protests and intends to continue protesting peacefully until the legislative body is dissolved. It demands amending the Election Code so that the Central Election Commission includes five members on behalf of the opposition and four members on behalf of the power. It also seeks the resignation of the president of the Constitutional Court Alexandru Tanase so that he is replaced with another member of the Court on behalf of the Government, and demands holding accountable the officials who contributed to what they call ‘usurpation of the state power’. Representatives of the government did not come to the debates. The public debates “Political Message of the Committee for Defending the Constitution and Democracy. Promotion culture: for and against” form part of Development of Political Culture through Public Debates Project that includes a series of debates on political culture. It is supported by the German foundation Hanns Seidel. “We came to the idea of holding debates on political culture based on a judgment followed lately by every person in Moldova,” Info-Prim Neo director Valeriu Vasilica said in the opening of the debates. “The political life in Moldova has been marked by many conflicts, disagreements, and settling of accounts in public. We are not against conflicts or even political arguments, because they are natural, even necessary sometimes to help develop ideas and achieve certain goals, including political. We are against the conflicts that go beyond the political culture and culture in general and against the political conflicts that are not an instrument used to move things on as they pursue other goals. Such conflicts influence society, giving it an incorrect and dangerous example of relations. As the conflicts inside the Moldovan political class became a state of spirit of this class, it marks the relations inside it and the relations of the political class with other areas. There is a danger that they will become a state of spirit for the while society,” said Valeriu Vasilica.
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