Mircea Ciobanu: We help Ukrainians, but rather try to defend ourselves

By helping Ukraine, which is the victim of an unjust war that is being waged by Russia, the Republic of Moldova also protects itself as a country, as a state, writer, book editor and journalist Mircea Ciobanu stated in a public debate hosted by IPN News Agency.

“In principle, we help the Ukrainians, even if I think that we do not help them much, but rather try to defend ourselves. We should help ourselves as the dangers are extraordinary,” said Mircea Ciobanu.

He noted that when the Russians achieve results on the Ukrainian fronts, the opponents of the European course in Moldova become more courageous and active and one should ponder over this thing. “In general, especially because we speak about the ethical aspect, we should not help Ukraine only because we see that they will win and this is normal. No matter what happens, even if they lose, we should be on their side and not only because they are the victims,” stated the writer.

Asked about the reaction of the people of art, writers to Russia’s war in Ukraine and what these do to increase social cohesion in Moldova, Mircea Ciobanu said the essential question is to what extent society needs this attitude of literature and arts.

“To make is clear, both arts and literature in our country reacted. If you noticed, the Reunion of National Theaters last year involved a theater with an extraordinary play based on Shakespeare’s work, of the Kyiv-based Theater “Ivan Franko”. They were welcomed in a royal way. All the actors from Kiev cried,” stated Mircea Ciobanu.

He noted that the writers took attitude and expressed their solidarity with Ukraine. “There were also protests by writers, including of the Writers Union, and a lot of protests mounted by groups of writers, mostly directed by Dumitru Crudu to the Embassy of Russia. There is solidarity and this is expressed, not to mention the non-literary texts produced by writers,” said the journalist.

The public debate entitled “Moldova between Ukraine and Russia” was the 290th installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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