Ministry of Reintegration doubts results announced by Russian inspection at Cobasna ammunition depot

The Ministry of Reintegration (MR) considers irrelevant the information belonging to sources from the Operative Group of Russian Troops (OGRT) concerning the results announced by a Russian inspection at the ammunition depot from Cobasna and pleads for an international inspection of the Russian ammunition dumps placed on the territory of R. of Moldova aiming to assure the transparency of their preserving and evacuation, a commentary of the Ministry says. In these respects, MR warns the national and international public opinion of the fact that the data presented by the Russian side cannot be confirmed by other sources. Also, the real content of the shell park is not known. Despite the efforts of OSCE, the Permanent Delegation of RM as part of the Organization and the Mission of OSCE in the R. of Moldova, the dumps from Cobasna remain inaccessible for any international inspection. Therefore, neither the Moldovan Government, nor the international community have truthful data concerning the quantity and the classified list of the ammunitions stocked in Cobasna. In such conditions, MR asserts that the R. of Moldova will continue its diplomatic and political efforts within OSCE, in order to assure an efficient international supervision of the preserving conditions and that of the evacuation of the ammunition from the territory of R. of Moldova. Recently, General Boris Sergheev, commander of OGRT declared that the ammunition dumps of the Russian Federation from Cobasna were inspected by a group of generals and officers of the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to the same source, the named group didn’t discover any cases of disappearance of arms and ammunitions or disorders of their storing conditions. It was also stated that 21,500 tonnes of ammunition continue to be stored at the dumps from Cobasna.

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