Minister of culture about retrocession of block. No. 2 of National Library

Minister of Culture Sergiu Prodan said that none of the book collections of the National Library will be relocated as long as the new conditions are not better than the existing ones. According to him, both of the buildings of the National Library – the central block and block No. 2 – do not meet the requirements and needs of the Library, the current storage spaces being loaded, IPN reports.

The minister noted that the central block built in 1961, which is intended for 1 million books, now houses about 2.5 million volumes. The load per square meter is much greater than the norm and fissures appeared in the building as a result. Block No. 2 (former Theological Seminar) is in a worse situation. This was erected in 1902 and was designed for another purpose. The national book heritage stored in the two blocks is now in danger.

“All the possible spaces in the two blocks have been used, but the book collections normally continue expanding. In the short term, it will be impossible to store the books in the current spaces of the National Library even if the yet available basements are used,” stated Sergiu Prodan.

According to him, a solution is to build a modem storage facility in accordance with the international book heritage keeping standards. Given the current financial situation, this is impossible without the foreign partners’ support.

The minister noted that the former building of the Theological Seminar is a historic monument of national importance that needs to be restored, as the other historic buildings situated nearby and those located all over the country do. As the necessary financial resources are enormous, the Ministry of Culture is considering establishing partnerships that can ensure and guarantee the rehabilitation and complete restoration of monuments.

Earlier, the administration of the National Library said the state will have to find another storage place for the Library’s special collections if the former building of the Theological Seminar is conceded to the Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia.

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