Mikhail Sirkeli: Only elections can stimulate European integration process

For now, the elections remain the only source of pressure that can restore the European integration on the current political agenda of Moldova, executive director of Piligrim-Demo Center Mikhail Sirkeli stated in the public debate “Current place of European integration on Moldova’s sociopolitical agenda” that was staged by IPN.

He believes that society is overwhelmed by apathy. “There is no energy that could suggest that protests are pending. This is due to the fact that when there is the possibility, the people choose to leave as this is the easiest path. Anyone can do it. This also prevents the accumulation of the energy of opposition, which could exert pressure on the power,” said the expert.

Neither the European Union can convince the Moldovan authorities of the necessity of reforms.  “The Government wasn’t disturbed even by the fact that it could lose the foreign assistance,” noted Sirkeli.

On the other hand, the current power didn’t promise to promote the European agenda. Dodon came to power with an anti-European agenda and he sticks to it.  But the persons who came to power during the time of the Alliance for European Integration, when corruption flourished, also didn’t leave, but only changed the political color and continue to patron the same schemes. In Moldova, the interests of Igor Dodon’s foreign partners coincided with those of the internal partners. They do not want to promote the European agenda as this destroys their schemes,” stated the executive director of Piligrim-Demo.

He is sure that the reformation of the country is a long-lasting process. “This should become a priority for the whole society, for all the political forces. Currently, some of the parties, primarily those of the left, oppose this path as it means the undermining of Moldova’s sovereignty for them, including for those who formed part of the Party of Communists and those who initiated the main European processes. They were earlier in favor, but now have reservations,” stated Mikhail Sirkeli.

The public debate “Current place of European integration on Moldova’s sociopolitical agenda” forms part of the project “Overcoming of European Integration Stereotypes through Communication” that is implemented with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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