Mihai Popușoi: Employees are laid off and will not be able to return to work

The Government of the Republic of Moldova should accept the opposition’s proposal that the state should pay salaries equal to 75% of the average official salary. MP of the group of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) Mihai Popșoi said that after many of the enterprises stopped work, the employees are laid off and many of them will be unable to return to work, IPN reports.

“The encouragement of unemployment by increasing the unemployment benefit only forces the business entities to make the employees redundant. We suggested keeping the jobs and offering state subsidies for salaries in the amount of 75%, but not more than 75% of the average official salary so that we keep all the jobs. Or many of the citizens who will be made redundant will be unable to return to work because the enterprises will be affected and could not reemploy them,” Mihai Popuoi stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

The official said that as a result of the actions taken by the government, the large enterprises were favored, while the SMEs will suffer the most as they could not employ the same number of persons after the crisis is overcome. Moreover, the enterprises could go bankrupt.

“The solution proposed by the government, to later refund the taxes, including the VAT, to those that pay salaries, is not appropriate as many in our country cannot pay salaries now. You say you will refund 45%, but they do not pay anything and will be thus unable to get something back. Those who have a small turnover and cannot pay salaries to employees will have to resort to layoffs. The decision taken by the government favors the large companies with a large turnover. A lot of small and medium-sized enterprises cannot pay salaries and will not receive something from the state. The value added is absent,” stated the MP.

Democratic MP Nicolae Ciubuc said the initiatives formulated by the PAS cannot be implemented in Moldova in the current conditions.

“What we have done until now was based on analyses and clear assessments of what is going on in the banking system, in the socioeconomic sphere of the Republic of Moldova in general. These changes made by the Government imply costs of over 800 million lei that is to be identified by amending the budget so as to support the business community. These are the first measures taken to support the businesses and are not the last ones. Let’s see how the mechanism works the first month,” stated Nicolae Ciubuc.

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