Mihai Popșoi: The elections will be a resistance test for the ruling coalition

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Mihai Popșoi, PAS MP, ACUM bloc, considers that the next local elections that are set for October 20 will be a test of resistance for the governing coalition, which the three parties involved in the governing process will successfully pass. The statement was made at the TVR Moldova program "Punctul pe azi".

"The Democratic Party wanted to have snap elections on September 6. We keep note of the usurpation of state power over the course of a week, when they wanted to invalidate the will of the voters expressed on February 24. Now, they thought they might win on October 20. They should give up on their ambition and enjoy the political stability, the development of the Republic of Moldova, the external partnerships that we build and the trust that we earn”, said Mihai Popșoi.

Moreover, Mihai Popșoi claims that the recently signed agreement by the Action and Solidarity Party, the Dignity and Truth Platform Party and the Socialist Party is a short term agreement, however, it is quite an ambitious one. "The items agreed upon form an action plan, an agenda for Parliament and government for a period that depends on the performance of Parliament and government. Personally, I think it covers more than the next session, considering the multitude of projects and how ambitious they are. I hope we succeed to achieve the goals of the agreement over the course of a year. If we do not succeed, it will probably last longer”, hypothesized the politician.

The Socialist Party MP, Grigore Novac, said that the signed agreement does not favor the political party he represents, but is an agreement that aims to solve the problems of the citizens. In his opinion, the scenario of snap parliamentary elections is not desired by the population. "We have elections all year round. There is no reason for us to trigger snap elections. Rather than wasting time on an election campaign, I think we can use the time in the interests of the citizens”, said Grigore Novac.

Democratic MP Nicolae Ciubuc commented on the agreement signed by the PSRM, PPDA and PAS by saying that this is "a hypocrisy" on behalf of the current government. According to him, although the ruling coalition promised deoligarchization, the only thing that they have done is the replacement of some PDM members with other political party members. "There has been a substitution of key state positions by changing old exponents with publicly exposed persons", the parliamentarian emphasized.

The three majority coalition parliamentary groups signed "the political agreement on the transitional objectives for the government, the Presidency, the Parliament, the Socialist Party, the Action and Solidarity Party and the Dignity and Truth Platform Party". The document was signed on Monday, September 16, in Parliament, without the press being notified of the event. Later, the document was signed by the head of state, the prime minister and the Parliament speaker.

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