Mihai Popșoi: 2018 was year of regression and missed opportunities

This year was a year of regression, missed opportunities and disappointments. The disappointment has never been greater than that in Moldova’s relationship with the EU that resulted mainly from problems faced in the justice and electoral sectors Mihai Popșoi, vice president of the Party “Action and Solidarity”, stated in the electoral debate “Year 2018: accomplishments, failures and challenges in Moldova’s European integration” that was the 99th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” staged by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova.

“The theft of the US$ 1 billion that became known worldwide continues to be investigated formally as one of the key figures in this case according to the Kroll investigation, Mister Shor, is still free. Moreover, he runs a political party that spends huge sums of money in the hope that he will enter Parliament, will receive parliamentary immunity and will continue to provide clientele services to his political master, Mister Plahotniuc. This suits neither the citizens of the Republic of Moldova nor the European partners of the country that sincerely want the Republic of Moldova to prosper and achieve its European integration aspiration,” stated the politician.

Referring to the electoral system, Mihai Popșoi said this was replaced despite the criticism and reservations of a large number of national parties and foreign partners, such as the Venice Commission, the OSCE, the EU and the U.S., which unanimously condemned the replacement of the electoral system and the lack of national consensus. This amendment evidently favors the Party of Socialists and, in parts, the Democratic Party. This offers increased influence to well-off people and undermines the representativeness and democratic process in general.

He noted that no other event than the invalidation of the Chisinau mayoral elections, which were won by the pro-European opposition, revealed how rotten the situation in the Republic of Moldova is. Among other shameful events, he mentioned the expulsion of Turkish teachers and, more recently, the dubious appointments to a number of important posts. Mihai Popșoi said the Moldovan government increasingly promotes the so-called “Russian model” or “Putin’s model” under which the people will enjoy particular economic growth in exchange for democratic and civil rights. This is unacceptable for a democratic state that wants to be European.

As to the ruling party’s initiative to hold a consultative referendum simultaneously with the parliamentary elections, Mihai Popșoi said such initiatives form part of the maneuver to distract people’s attention from the failures of the PDM and its leader Vlad Plahotnicuc on the election day. “The upcoming elections will be a last chance for the Republic of Moldova to return to normality. It is the last chance to save the European course or we will slip towards the Russian model,” he stated, noting the bloc ACUM is determined to ensure the continuation of the European course and, in the hope that the elections will be free and fair at least slightly, banks on a very good result and on victory.

The debate “Year 2018: accomplishments, failures and challenges in Moldova’s European integration” forms part of the series of public debates staged by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova as part of the project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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