Mihai Isac: Without a fair justice system, we cannot have a viable economy

The justice sector reform is paramount in the process of accession to the European Union because a fair justice system offers the country economic growth and security guarantees, said political commentator Mihai Isac. According to him, the developments in the justice sector reform will determine how slow or fast the accession negotiations process will be, IPN reports

The first technical stage for Moldova’s accession to the European Union - the evaluation of the national legislation in relation to the Community acquis – was launched in Brussels on February 7. There, Moldova was represented by Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Cristina Gerasimov, who noted that the justice system is the first chapter of the accession negotiations.

“Following the December 2023 decision to open the negotiation process, the European Union has clearly said that justice must be the top priority for the current authorities in Chisinau. It’s clear that there are certain expectations in the European Union regarding the progress of reforms in this sector. It’s a pity that, at this moment, we are witnessing the capture of the justice reform process by a caste that opposes the reform. But this effort must be made because the European Union, through the voice of Roberta Metsola, the heads of states and European institutions, said that without a justice sector reform, the negotiation process will take a very long time,” Mihai Isac stated in the program “Parallel 47” on Radio Moldova station.

According to the political commentator, fair justice is indispensable for a state with European aspirations. Russia uses the system’s resistance to the justice sector reform to undermine Moldova’s authorities.

Without a fair justice system, we cannot have a viable economy, cannot have security guarantees regarding the state’s resilience to hybrid warfare. Corruption is one of the main weapons used by the Russian Federation in Moldova. We see how criminal elements are used by the Russian Federation to undermine the state authorities. In order to put an end to such actions, a credible justice system is needed - a justice in which the population of the Republic of Moldova gradually regains confidence. The screening process is a long one, but the sent signal is that we must start with justice,” noted Mihai Isac.

In connection with the launch of the screening of the national legislation, on February 21-22 the governmental delegation will be back in Brussels to have a first analysis of the European Union legislation in the fields of justice and fundamental rights.

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