Mihai Isac: France is trying to regain its geopolitical leadership role in EU

France is trying to regain its geopolitical leadership role in the European Union, foreign policy expert Mihai Isac said, referring to France’s growing presence in the region. According to the expert, the French leader’s sharp statements about the sending of troops to Ukraine and the decision to send a military attaché to Moldova represent an attempt by France to position itself as a leader in this part of Europe as well, IPN reports.

Yesterday, French President
Emmanuel Macron said that Russia will not stop in Ukraine if it defeats the Ukrainian army, but will threaten Poland, Romania and Moldova. Macron’s statement comes after the Elysée leader previously said that the scenario of sending military troops to Ukraine should not be ruled out. Foreign policy expert Mihai Isac said Emmanuel Macron’s recent rhetoric shows that France wants to regain its geopolitical leadership position in Europe.

“France is involved on several fronts in the region: in Armenia - in the issue with Azerbaijan, in the Republic of Moldova – by helping to resist the hybrid war, in Ukraine – we have seen in recent days the harsh statements of the French leader against Putin. So, we see an attempt by France to regain its geopolitical leadership role in the European Union. The French elites never agreed with the idea that they could be the second violin. Britain’s exit from the EU offered France the opportunity to take the lead on the EU-wide initiatives. Any opening of a French military attaché office should please those in Chisinau. Military diplomacy was one of the means by which Romania secured many partnerships, including economic ones,” Mihai Isac stated in the talk show “Paralela 47” on Radio Moldova station.

He noted that France and Moldova should intensify their cooperation in the security sector, the decision to send a French military attaché to Chisinau being a welcomed one.

“Even at this moment, when the Republic of Moldova becomes a security provider through the troops sent to Kosovo and Lebanon, there is contact with many French soldiers who are participants in these missions. Therefore, this multitude of relations between France and the Republic of Moldova can only make us happy. The Republic of Moldova is a member of the organization of La Francophonie. The diaspora of the Republic of Moldova living in France is very well integrated, has no problems of integration into the labor market or education. We must ask ourselves why nothing has been done so far in the field of security? France’s interest has now grown due to the war in Ukraine. Now France is trying to recover particular areas of influence,” noted the political commentator.

Recently, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova Anatolie Nosatyi announced that France is sending a military attaché who will work from the building of the French Embassy in Chisinau. The minister explained that this is a woman lieutenant colonel, who is accredited for Moldova and who has worked so far at the head office of the French Embassy in Bucharest.

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