Mihai Ghimpu: We are witness to usurpation of power in Chisinau municipality

The leader of the Liberal Party Mihai Ghimpu said that after acting mayor Nistor Grozavu signed an order to name two deputy mayors earlier today, they convinced themselves that the power in Chisinau municipality is being usurped. The Liberal MPs intend to demand that the Constitution should be interpreted so as to clarify the powers of a local elected official that holds a senior post on an interim basis. The Liberal members of the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC) will challenge in court the order to appoint the two deputy mayors, IPN reports.

In a news conference, the Liberal leader said that under the legislation, after two failed attempts to name the deputy mayors through the CMC, the mayor general can name these by order, but this cannot be done by the acting mayor. Silvia Radu is the candidate fielded by the leader of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc and represents the PDM as deputy mayor of Chisinau. Earlier, Igor Dodon said the Chisinau City Hall will have another administration in autumn and now the PDM confirmed those assertions. This shows that the Party of Socialists and the Democratic Party act in collusion. There is evidence that instructions were made for the belongings of Dorin Chirtoaca to be taken out of his office.

According to Mihai Ghimpu, all these steps confirm that the criminal cases started against Dorin Chirtoaca are political in character. Nistor Grozavu signed the orders to name the deputy mayors in order to save his skin as the prosecutors possess proofs that he broke the law and this way he will avoid punishment.

Deputy chairman of the Liberal Party Valeriu Munteanu said the PL, through the agency of its MPs, will request the Constitutional Court to interpret the Constitution so as to clearly determine the powers of a local elected official holding office on an interim basis, as it was done in 2013, when the post of Speaker of Parliament was to be held on an interim basis. The Court then ruled that the person holding the post of Speaker of Parliament does not have the same rights as the Speaker because the methods of appointment and dismissals are different in this case. This example is relevant to the case of mayor general.

The Liberal councilors on the CMC formulated a lawsuit to challenge the appointment of Silvia Radu and Ruslan Codreanu as deputy mayors. Valeriu Munteanu said there were precedents in this regard, when the court rejected similar proceedings. The Liberal Party intends to make approaches to embassies working in Chisinau and to international organizations so as to inform these about serious violations committed in the municipality of Chisinau and all over the country.

In the morning of November 6, Silvia Radu and Ruslan Codreanu were named deputy mayors of Chisinau by order of the acting mayor. Nistor Grozavu also signed a statement whereby he announces that he leaves the post of acting mayor general of Chisinau and this post will be held by Silvia Radu.

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