Mihai Ghimpu criticizes opinion polls

The leader of the Liberal Party (PL) Mihai Ghimpu leveled harsh criticism at the electoral polls. In the program “Politics” on TV 7 channel, he argued that these surveys are designed to manipulate the people and are not correct, IPN reports.

“The polls carried out in the electoral period are intended not to inform the people, but to manipulate them. The results of these polls are manipulating and deceiving.  And a lot of money is paid for such deceit. Different schemes and methods are used to falsify the results of the polls. Those who commissioned the surveys probably didn’t even know that they were paid for this falsification,” said Ghimpu.

He also said that these polls do not cover the voters from the diaspora and the Transnistrian region, who will undoubtedly incline the balance in favor of the pro-European parties. Also, the polls show that the Party of Socialists (PSRM) and the PL have similar chances of entering Parliament, but this is not true. “I don’t think that the PSRM gained 7% more in surveys during a week, even if Dodon met with Putin. This is evidently falsification,” stated Ghimpu.

The leader of the PL noted that he daily has meetings with the voters and sees that people’s opinions changed a lot. “I came now from northern Moldova, where they usually vote for Putin. I saw that the people there changed their opinions and more voters are for the European integration and even for entering NATO. The people, terrified of the developments in Ukraine, understood that they need that umbrella that would ensure their security. Nobody can be sure that Putin will stop in Donbas or Donetsk. Today the entry into NATO is impossible, but it’s not known what will happen tomorrow,” he said.

Mihai Gimpu avoided saying with whom they will form a coalition after the elections, but reiterated that the European integration and the entry into NATO are the PL’s major goals.

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