Mihai Druță refuses to run as a candidate of one party in Hâncești elections

Mihail Druță, who was proposed to be the common candidate for MP of the pro-European and democratic forces in the March 15 elections in Hâncești by the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) will not run in these elections. In a press release posted on Facebook, Mihai Druță said that he intended to run as the common candidate of the PPPDA and the Party “Action and Solidarity” (PAS) and also of at least two unionist parties, IPN reports.

As the PAS decided to support former justice minister Olesea Stamate as a candidate in the given constituency and because the PAS vice president Mihai Popșoi rejected the PPPDA’s proposal to have a common candidate given that Mihai Druță didn’t accept the PAS’s invitation to run in single-member constituency No. 50 Western Europe in the October 20 elections, Mihai Druță concluded that his participation in constituency No. 38 Hâncești became counterproductive and inadmissible.

Mihai Druță said that he sent a message to the leader of the PPPDA Andrei Năstase by which he informed that he cannot and will not run only on behalf of the DA Platform. The lack of communication and understanding in the camp of the pro-European and unionist forces has a noxious impact on the spirits of voters, including the compatriots from the diaspora. “The created situation can have negative consequences for the results of the March 15 elections in Hâncești and also for the presidential elections of this yearend,” he warned.

Mihai Druță noted that he does not want to run on behalf of one party as he does not want to contribute to the division of voters and demoralization of the voters with national and pro-European views. He called on the leaders of the Union Political Bloc, the National Unity Party and the Liberal Democratic Party to honestly and thoroughly analyze the situation in single-member constituency No. 38 Hâncești, including the results of the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019 and of the local elections of October 20, 2019, so as to identify and support a common candidate with real, not imaginary electoral chances.

Mihai Druță is a Moldovan citizen who settled in the Italian city of Parma many years ago.

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