Mihai Druță proposed by PPPDA as a candidate for constituency No. 38

Mihai Druță is the candidate for MP suggested by the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” for the new parliamentary elections that will take place in single-member constituency No. 38, Hâncești, on March 15. The candidate is designed to strengthen the forces of the right, PPPDA vice president Alexandru Slusari told IPN. He also said that a final decision about the candidate is to be taken by the party’s Political Bureau on January 20.

According to Alexandru Slusari, Mihai Druță is a person who can be supposed not only by the PPPDA and PAS, but also by more pro-national, unionist parties as he is a nonparty, politically unaffiliated candidate and a unionist. He is the representative of the diaspora. He was very active in election campaigns, helping to promote candidates of the ACUM Bloc. “Mihai Druță meets all the conditions needed for a consensus to be reached in Hâncești district,” stated Alexandru Slusari.

He also said that during the next few days the Action and Solidarity Party is to decide whether to propose Olesea Stamate as a candidate for MP in this constituency or not. He noted the PPPDA’s candidate is the best proposal for joining forces, but the party could examine the candidate proposed by another party if this is better than the candidate of the PPPDA. They haven’t yet seen such a candidate.

If the PPPDA’s proposal is not accepted as a consolidation one on the part of the forces of the right, including of the PAS, the party will act very responsibly, stated Alexandru Slusari.

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