Mihai Cristian Rizea: Political Party “NOI” wants parliamentary majority with PAS

“The Political Party “NOI” aims to be near a political force that really wants the Republic of Moldova to become a state with the rule of law and the PAS is the only political force that wants this. “NOI” will form a parliamentary majority with the PAS without blackmailing, as others use to do,” the spokesman for “NOI” Party Mihai Cristian Rizea said in the first electoral debate of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates” that are staged by IPN News Agency.

“I experienced myself the abuses of the repressive system of the Republic of Moldova. I was held in Penitentiary No. 13 for six months without any legal reason. This is proven by the decision of the judge who tried the extradition case. Nevertheless, on January 18 I had to be set free. From 30 to 30 days, the servants of Plahotniuc and Dodon, Ghenadie Pavliuc, the president of the Ciocana Court, Gennady Morozan of the Appeals Court, the husband of Plahotniuc’s cousin, tried me “randomly”. From 30 to 30 days, the case was distributed only to them,” noted Mihai Cristian Rizea.

He said that during three years and a half, he was an ordinary citizen of the Republic of Moldova. “The case started against me in Romania was remitted here. The authorities told Romania that I’m a citizen of Moldova. Since October 2020, when I became the owner of “Realitatea” TV here, in the Republic of Moldova, and I also took over the debts owed by Plahotniuc by definitive and irrevocable court judgments, I have been persecuted. I stopped being a citizen. Dodon was made by his master Plahotniuc to issue an abusive decree and I this way ran the gauntlet of the system about which we speak,” related Mihai Cristian Rizea.

He presented the Constitutional Court’s decision on his Moldovan nationality taken ten years ago in favor of his wish to run for MP. “Nevertheless, the Central Election Commission and the servants from this, Dorin Cimil and Maxim Lebedinschi, do not want to obey a decision by the Constitutional Court, which says it clearly that my right to stand as a candidate was violated. Moreover, the CEC didn’t even respond to the final judgment of the Chisinau City Appeals, which obliges it to explain why I wasn’t registered,” stated Mihai Cristian Rizea. He urged the people to vote the Political Party “NOI” as it is the only party that fights the mafia system in the judiciary. He noted that “NOI” leader Vladimir Dachi wasn’t involved in any illegal scheme and was a military man and a successful businessman.

The Political Party “NOI” is under No. 12 on the ballot.

The first electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand - 2021” also involved the representatives of the “New Historical Option” Party and of the Ecologist Green Party.

IPN’s second electoral debate set for June 30, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders the Party of Change, the Shor Party and “Democracy at Home” Party.

IPN Agency holds the electoral debates as part of the series of debates “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates” with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany”.

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