Mental health awareness campaign titled “How do you feel today?”

It is not a shame to admit that you do not feel well, that you suffer from depression or from exhaustion. It is important to take measures and to seek the necessary assistance, urge the health authorities on the occasion of the launch of a mental health awareness campaign entitled “How do you feel today?”, IPN reports.

In a briefing held to launch the campaign, secretary of state at the Ministry of Health Zinaida Bezverhni said that in a world full of pandemic, economic and political crises, we are daily confronted by challenges. “If we feel well, we are able to learn, to develop good relations, to handle our positive and negative emotions and can thus live at full extent,” she stated.

Moldova has 40 mental health centers. In 2020 alone, specialists of these centers offered consultancy to 180,000 persons, 80% of whom sought help repeatedly. In 2020, the number of cases of depression, anxiety and dementia increased considerably.

“I must admit that I also benefited from the assistance of such a center and went to see a specialist when I needed. Now we are in a situation when the word solidarity is very often used. We must not be indifferent when someone near us needs help. The COVID, political and economic problems make us stronger and more united” said Zinaida Bezverhni. She noted that the Ministry of Health is designing the fourth mental health program that will lay emphasis on the health of young people and on suicide prevention.

Miljana Grbic, of the World Health Organization, said the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of the global population and had a negative effect on the persons who suffer from mental disorders. “The children, the young people are most vulnerable as they are affected by the closures of schools, loneliness, anxieties. We must protect the mental health of the young people by services provided by specialized community centers and through parents’ support. The health workers are also vulnerable as they have been subject to extreme pressure during the pandemic,” stated Miljana Grbic.  

Psychologist Sergiu Toma said the launch of the campaign was timed to coincide with World Mental Health Day that is observed on October 10. As part of the campaign, the platform was made available for persons who need specialized, free and confidential assistance. There were worked out the mascot of the campaign in the form of a sunflower and a video encouraging the people not to be indifferent to the mental health of the dear ones. There will be held thematic webinars for persons interested in the issue.

The nationwide campaign “How do you feel today?” is staged by the Ministry of Health with support from the WHO and the EU.

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