Memory Day commemorates people killed in Nistru war

Many years have passed, but the Nistru war cannot be forgotten. General Nicolae Petrica, commander of the Cocieri bridge head, said that even if many describe it as a conflict only, in reality it was a war in which many people were killed or wounded. For Nicolae Petrica, the events of 1992 represent a noteworthy history page, while Cocieri is a part of his life. He annually goes to this village to meet with those together with whom he fought the war. The general regrets that no definite steps have been taken to resolve the Transnistrian dispute during 23 years.

“I think the President, the Government and Parliament bear responsibility because they started the war and they should thus remove the consequences. There is no conflict now between the ordinary people. The problem resides in the politicians, who do not want to settle the conflict and are waiting for someone from outside to come and take decisions instead of them,” Nicolae Petrica has told IPN.

The general, who is the chairman of the League of Armed Forces Veterans, said he feels sorry for those who struggled for the country’s independence, but are now neglected by the authorities and cope with difficulty. “Our politicians do not want to deal with the given problem and this is offensive,” stated Nicolae Petrica.

The general thinks that if another war is waged, a detachment of MPs should be constituted. “They should know what fighting a war is like and what seeing your comrades being killed in battle means. They could afterward make laws and take decisions,” he said.

The Nistru armed conflict began on March 2, 1992. The ceasefire agreement between Moldova and Russia was signed on July 21, 1992. According to the Moldovan authorities, 287 persons were killed and about 3,500 were injured in this conflict. Also, 40 persons were listed as missing.

March 2 was declared Memory Day. Flowers are laid at monuments in Chisinau. A religious ceremony is held and commemoration meals are staged for combatants. 

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