Members of PLDM accuse central authorities of interference in work of LPAs

The local public authorities (LPAs) are forced to dance to the central public authorities’ tune and no one takes into account the legal provisions that stipulate the principle of local self-government and the right and capacity of the local authorities to solve by themselves the local problems, without the interference of those form the center. The accusations were made by members of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM).

PLDM president Tudor Deliu, in a news conference at IPN, spoke about a case that happened in Sângerei district, which he called symptomatic. The problems appeared on November 27 last year, when the local Council was called at the request of one third of district councilors and this elected the district’s administration: the district head and three deputy heads. This thing dissatisfied councilors who represented other parties.

As a result, the local office of the State Chancellery in Bălţi notified the Sângerei District Council that deviations from the legal provisions were committed in the process of adopting decisions. The Council came together for a new meeting and examined the notification, but decided to uphold the decision. The State Chancellery in Bălţi had 30 days to challenge the Council’s decision in court, but didn’t do this, stated Tudor Deliu.

Meanwhile, under the influence of the central authorities, a new coalition was formed in Sângerei and the local office of the State Chancellery in Bălţi sent a letter to the Sângerei District Council and insisted again that the notification issued earlier should be examined. In a new meeting of the District Council held on May 27, the new coalition in Sângerei illegally ordered to introduce the reexamination of the letter in the agenda. Finally, the decision to name the district administration of last November was abrogated.

“I call on the leaders of the ruling parties: Stop the blackmail and threats against the local elected officials who do not represent the parties of which you form part! Another request is to the leaders of the pro-European and unionist parties: Unify your message, of those from the center and of those from the local level, and pursue the same policy. Don’t chant in Chisinau: “We want rule of law, democratic values”, “Down with Dodon!” “Down with the Government!”, while in districts, respectively in Sângerei, you shout: “Long live Stalin”. Don’t influence from the center the decisions taken by the local authorities through your representatives,” urged the Liberal-Democratic leader.

Iulian Erimei, who was elected deputy head of Sângerei district, in the same news conference said that Sângerei is one of the few districts in northern Moldova where the Socialists do not rule. This does not suit the rulers in Chisinau. “After that constitution and district administration election meeting, increasing pressure started to be exerted. The architects of this pressure are decision makers of the central administration, MPs who during the last few months often visited the districts and local bodies of the central authorities,” stated Iulian Erimei, noting that by illegal actions, they make effort to take over the district. He called on the citizens who live in Sângerei, in particular the district councilors, not to forget that their term in office is of four years only aand they will later continue to live there and should better leave room for peaceful coexistence.

The representatives of the PLDM noted that even if more than half a year has passed since the local elections, the personnel units of district councils in some of the districts haven’t been yet approved. In a press release, the party says that all these efforts are aimed at strengthening the power of the current government at the local level for the upcoming presidential elections.

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and its local elected officials plead for real local self-government and reaffirm their adherence to the principles and standards stipulated in the European Charter of Local Self-Government. “We consider the European integration process cannot be conceived without the strengthening of the capacities and autonomy of the local public administration,” runs the press release.

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