Measures taken during state of emergency should not affect human rights, ombudsman

The situation is rather difficult and necessitates actions coordinated between the authorities. The implementation of measures during the state of emergency should no way affect the human rights, Mihail Cotorobai, who is trying to help the authorities by his recommendations, stated in an interview for IPN.

Mihail Cotorobai said that since the state of emergency was instituted, the ombudsman has submitted more than 20 recommendations and proposals to the Commission for Exceptional Situations and other institutions and responses were received to only two of them. “This is very serious as the ombudsman represents the institution that monitors and wants to help the authorities adopt correct decisions proportional to the given situation as regards the observance of human rights,” stated the official.

One of the last recommendations of the ombudsman refers to the diaspora. More exactly, it goes to the obligation to purchase a health insurance policy when entering Moldova. This provision was reviewed and that period of 72 hours during which a policy can be bought was introduced. But the rights to enter and to leave the country are enshrined in the Constitution and they should not be restricted.

As regards the performance and rights of doctors, Mihail Cotorobai said the right to health is equal for everyone, but there is also the principle of proportionality. In his public call, the ombudsman underlined the importance of ensuring the protection of frontline healthcare workers.

According to the ombudsman, the state of emergency didn’t bypass the justice sector. Some of the rules set down by the Commission for Exceptional Situations in some of the cases encroach upon the right to a fair trial as the periods for examining cases have been modified.

In another development, Mihail Cotorobai said the juridical culture of the people has improved and an increasing number of persons seek rights. The people should know that the ombudspersons do not replace the state bodies and do not solve problems, but sound the alarm and report the existing problems. The authorities are those that should examine the situation and intervene.

The interview is part of IPN Agency’s project “Injustice in Sight through Multimedia”. The partner of the project is the Lawyers Union of Moldova.

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