Mayor of Condrița village: Gas will be 9 lei

The mayor of Condrița village of Chisinau municipality Andrei Donica issued an order in protest. Under the order, the people from the village will pay a smaller charge for natural gas. In a news conference hosted by IPN, the mayor said the decision has a retroactive effect, which is compensatory payments will be offered for the natural gas supplied as from June 7, 2023, including for liquefied petroleum gas bought in cylinders, which is used by many locals, IPN reports.

Andrei Donica noted that the order to make compensatory payments for natural gas in Condrița village was issued on October 2. “I want to tell you that we will compensate the people for the used gas not starting with yesterday. The order has a retroactive effect and covers the period since the gas price was modified the last time, which is on June 7, 2023, when the NAER changed the price and decreased it from 29 lei to 18 lei. All the inhabitants of Condrița, who will file an application to get compensated for gas as from June 7, 2023, will annex the gas bills to the application and the mayor’s office will calculate the whole sum that will be paid retroactively,” stated Andrei Donica.

The mayor noted that to benefit from the compensatory payment, the inhabitants should submit an application to the mayor’s office. This is the only solution by which he can help the locals when the central authorities don’t do it. “They complain that they don’t have money to support the citizens, including to allocate funds for compensating the people for the consumed energy resources. In fact, I want to show that there is money in the country and there is money even in a village like Condrița, which has a small budget against the budgets of all the suburban settlements of Chisinau. We found financial resources to pay compensation for gas,” said Andrei Donica.

He went on to say that the gas charges should have been modified earlier, but the government didn’t do this and he decided to issue the order in protest. “We saw this political game and saw that the gas charge was reduced by only 11 lei, on June 7, 2023. In fact, the charge should be much lower. I consider the gas charge should be at most 9 lei,” stated the mayor.

Note: The organizers of events, not IPN News Agency, bear exclusive responsibility for the formulation of generics and for the statements made in the news conference.

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